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An impulse purchase from last month, this little one was added in on the last-minute before my monthly cart of anime merchandise was to be confirmed and delivered…


Hailed from the shipping browser game Kantai Collection, this phone strap/charm is made in the likeness of the pet mascot belongs to Shimakaze, a chara in the game. ╹ω╹

Such an elaborated packaging for something as tiny as a standard phone strap. XDc

But then again it’s all due to the value of merchandising and appeal… :3c


However, today’s focus is not this little shipping mascot, but a certain new arrival inside a box from early last week, now within the line of sight of Rensouhou-charm… 


Recently expanding to the international market, the China based Sumafo maker Xiaomi, as their first step, started the distribution of their flagship low-cost Sumafo “Redmi” (Originally Hongmi to the Chinese) to the South East Asean region, namely Singapore.

Unlike most of their competitors, Xiaomi bypassed retailers entirely (with the exception of some deals with local Telco) in an effort to let consumers to buy their product directly from their factory from the mainland.

Unfortunately, their marketing policy, combined with limited models on sale per week, has really limited its acquisition as Redmi is much sought after due to its affordable price tag. 

Good thing that I had a proxy in reserve to get two for me (One for myself, the other for my family) as I try my luck to purchase it in person (But failed) on the second week. Luckily, my proxy managed to grab only one for me.

Oh well, still better than none at all… www


And so, my set of Redmi arrived in a plus to my den. It’s finally time to retire Hanako from her years of service…

Anyway, Redmi comes in an eco-friendly recycled brown box…


The basic package comes with a 3-pin UK plug compatible USB charger, a couple of Micro SIM card to standard SIM card converter, and of course…


Safely tucked inside another sturdier eco-box includes (Of course) the Redmi, the standard mini USB cable and a simple “Getting Started” recyclable instruction card.

Decided to name my new Sumafo “Ko(u)tama”, as in 紅玉 (こうたま), after Kotama-chan of course. =w= It’s a series of word play/pun at my best: 紅玉 = Ruby/Red Jade, こたま = コタマ = 狐タマ = キャス狐… You get the drift… XDc


An overall view of Kotama’s front side. For a full run down on her spec, please head to the official site for more info.

Sporting a 4.7″ of touch display at 1280 x 720 in resolution, I was immediately caught off guard at her size. Being too used to Hanako’s petite frame already, it’s quite an experience to hold Kotama on my palm for the first time… :3c


The bottom part of the rear had an engraving of Xiaomi’s logo – simple and to-the-point in a designer’s (Me) point of view: Xiaomi means “Little/Small Mi” translated; True enough, the logo features “Mi” in small caps. XDc


At the top of the rear side you could find the 8MP camera lens with the LED flash light located just beneath it.

At the side there is an opening meant for the speakers.


The usual trio of touch buttons featured on many Sumafo today present on Kotama as well. However, the placement is inverted (Menu, Home, Back) unlike Hanako (Back, Home, Menu), which I may need some time to adjust to since I’m left-handed… :/

The buttons don’t have the illuminating function too, just printed symbols on the touch panel. This may cause a bit of discomfort to locate when operating in the dark… orz 


MIUI V5, the Android OS utilised by Kotama, is one of the most customisable system ever in the market. 

While usually requiring third-party apps from the Google Play Store installed before you can even tweak some of the settings, MIUI allows you to download and apply various custom themes available on Xiaomi’s theme page on the go. The Theme manager even allows you to mix and match various themes separately, from Boot Animation to Font to Icon to Lock Screen… 

And of course I’m filling up Kotama’s Lock Screen and Home Area with Tama-chan goodness. ^~^ The custom Lock Screen I chose is a perfect match to the peek-a-boo Tama-chan piccie I took months before. XDc 


Apps. It’s the backbone and the core element of today’s Sumafo, of course Kotama is and will be filled with lots of them, given her internal memory of a total of 4 GBs!

Can finally have キャス狐ちゃん to wake me up every morning with her playful voice now! >w< There’s a Red Saber version too if you’re interested.

Also migrated my years of collection of Yomecolle anime waifus from Hanako to Kotama now. XDc


I can now fully enjoy many of them gaming apps not supported by Hanako before, including these trio of Puella Magi Madoka Magica TPS (Third Person Shooter) featuring Homuran, Mami, Sayaka and Kyouko in their battle within them Witches’ Maze.


Many reviews on-line promptly pointed out one of the two con Redmi possesses (The other being her inability to support 4G network), which is its incapability to run 3D graphic-intensive apps smoothly.

However upon my tests on a couple of heavy-duty TPS, namely Dead Space as well as Mass Effect Infiltrator, both run pretty smooth on average, at least in my case… 


I do however encounter small hiccups at times, but it’s far in between and not as frequent as one may immediately notices.

However, these graphic-heavy apps do generate a lot of heat on Kotama, one could feel it through the back cover of the Sumafo as you continue to shoot your way in the game…


Combined with the versatile built-in camera app, Kotama can really produce a good quality shot through its on-board camera (Once you overcome your shaky hands of course XDc). 

It even comes with a pre-loaded touch-up software that lets you fix and post-process your shots. =w=


With careful use, you could even take photos on par with those mainstream DSLR and/or digital camera out there in terms of picture quality. =w=

The above shots are taken in a rather low light situation within my room.


Well, looking forward to your service, Kotama! Hope you can last longer than your sisters.

Oh and you Rensouhou-charm, guard her well in my stead. XDc

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