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After a couple of months of delay as well as a prolonged delivery due to the galloping holidays, Tama-chan latest scaled figure finally reached ashore, safely docked in my den earlier last week.

After a fatal accident that befell upon Tama-chan (Dollfie Dream ver.), I’ve finally got myself to gether for a session of photo shooting this new subject. :3c


As always, the obligatory box shot.

Printed in a nice pinkish-black hue, the packaging has several display windows in the shape of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) petals all around the box.

Here’s an overall look at the figure herself.

Really fancy her playful pose and the attention paid by the sculptor to the frilly parts of her dress.


The much attention-grabbing upgrade Tama-chan received during her second coming in the PSP game Fate/Extra CCC

A little too large to my taste actually, else the rest of the package are perfect in my humble opinion. orz


Her beaming yet foxy grin embodies her personality, although I still think it looks kinda weird in figure form. =w=


The far end of her hair are mould in transparent. Quite a nice touch I must say, although the air bubbles during moulding process are present everywhere in the hair… orz

Nice sculpt on her blue ribbons too.


Let’s not forget her kitsunemimi! Such fluffiness! =w=

Oh and don’t forget her cute little top hat.


Very thorough details on her sleeves. Including the straps as well as the decorative flower on the big ribbons just above the transparent part…

Her talisman that she’s using in her attacks is wedged between her right index and middle fingers, barely holding in place as they are separate parts


One does not simply ignore the huge furball that is the fuwa fuwa shippo of Tama-chan.


Not quite a pantsu shot as she is wearing baggy pants instead of in a skirt or similar in the past XDc 


The her curvy legs are gorgeously done. Strange though I’ve always thought her over-knee socks are black in colour instead of gray…

Even her official concept art depicts it being of a darker variant. Perhaps Phat! tried to replicate that silky stocking effect by using only a single colouring depiction?


Unlike the plain transparent blue square base of the original, this version have a round standing base outfitted with a triple of circlets.

These are not really circlets per se but actually the logo of the CCC game itself. XDc


Finally, here’s another look at Tama-chan in her CCC default outfit.


All and all, this 1/8 scaled Fate/Extra CCC Cater is rather fine addition to my Tama-chan altar. XDc

There’s also a recently announced (During WonFes a couple of weekends ago…) Beach Queen Tama-chan coming in September this year, however her sculpt by Wave seems rather bad, to me at least. 

Nevertheless, my fave will always be the Tama-chan in her default non-CCC outfit of the original game. :P


4 responses

  1. Nice figure of Tama-chan (aka Caster kitsune) though indeed the bust is a little too exaggerated compared to her original appearance. Nonetheless, the detailing on her outfit is gorgeous.

    22nd February, 2014 at 02:24

    • We really need more Tama-chan figures around… Especially of the Figma line w

      22nd February, 2014 at 06:36

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