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Sisterly Love… Winter Sonata

February the 14th, the Saint Valentine’s Day. A day where couples of the world celebrate. Also celebrated by forever-arones all around as the Singles Awareness Day. XDc


The 15th day of the 1st month of the Lunar Year also falls on the same day. Called the 元宵/十五晚 (Yuan Xiao/Chap Goh Meh), which is also known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Such coincidence! :3c

Originally, Tama-chan was scheduled to be the main focus of this year’s Valentine’s, but unfortunately she’d suffered from a sudden heavy staining by the ribbons she tried to wear during a photo shoot for the event. orz

Had to had her creamed with OXY-10 to prevent further infection as well as trying to treat her stained body…

Anyway, it’s been really a long time since my last 4koma, so here’s a quick Valentine’s Day related update instead of Tama-chan…


Doesn’t it seem that the last panel is some how familiar to your eyes? w

Well, here’s a hint… 


Yes, it is based upon a recent popular Japanese meme on the Twittersphere!

Still doesn’t have a clue about this “Special Feeling” meme yet? It’s basically a simple still image on a recent TV report in Japan, where an interviewee proclaimed his thoughts on the falling snow along with his lover.

However this has somehow spiraled into a frenzy of doujin parodies of the same image but substituted with anime/manga chara and so on. XDc And this being coincided with the 214 too. Love is in the air! =w=

Also note that the embarrassed “lover” actually wears a wedding ring… Oh way, why did the guy (ringless apparently) claimed her as his lover? I smelled NTR adultery! No wonder she hid her face under her palms. XDc 

6 responses

  1. Hi yunamon,

    Nice pose. Happy Valentine !!!

    Happened to come across a new release u may be interested:

    14th February, 2014 at 14:03

    • Uhuhuhu thanks for the recommendation but I’m kinda on a fence on that. XDc

      14th February, 2014 at 14:09

  2. Nice! Got to love Misaka imouto’s shenanigans in the background.

    Hopefully you can treat the stains on Tama-chan. >_<

    15th February, 2014 at 03:08

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