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A Collection of Kantai Musume

Last year the world was caught in the blast of a new form of moe (Considering by many as the new Touhou Project…) that is the fleet management browser game called Kantai Collection, or Kancolle for short. =w=

Spanning across all types of mediums and forms, the various bishoujo rendition of World War era battleships charmed the likes of the otaku scene, driving its popularity to the max especially in recent Moons. 


Merchandise of these lovely Kanmusu, most of them voiced by high-profile seiyuu veterans no less, are popping out like mushrooms ever since.

The recent announcements of a Kancolle anime which will be directed by the same person who did the Nanoha series, as well as a PlayStation Vita version of the game, certainly further accelerates its new-found fame, much to the delight of all Admirals (Or Teitoku aka T, affectionately referred to one another by the players of the game itself…). 

Arrived earlier this Moon is the official Cospa T-Shirt I’ve ordered from a Moon back, featuring my fave amongst the Kanmusu, my (And many other T’s) favourite Engrish musume Kongou!


As expected from the quality of Nijigen Cospa cotton T-Shirts, it felt so comfortable wrapping a Kongou on you. :P


I ‘ll definitely spread her Burning Love to the rest of the world! :3c 


Another T-Shirt is coming along this end of month as well, a Full Graphic print of Kongou in her glorious coloured FIRE!! pose. :3c  


Elsewhere, from the latest issue of Comptiq and Nyantype magazines are the announcement of the Kancolle Nendoroid Puchi! The six chosen Kanmusu were decided by a poll voted by fans: Kongou (KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~!!!!), Haruna (HARUHARU!!!), Kitakami, Kaga, Zuikaku and Shoukaku.

As you may have guessed from my reaction, I’m gonna try to secure Kongou and Haruna for my own. XDc 


After the pre-order success of Nendoroid Shimakaze and Akagi, the next in line is none other than Kongou death!

Will definitely closely monitor her eventual PO announcement, since she may suffer from the same super-lightning-fast-outta-stock-pre-ordering from various online store much like how Nendo and Figma Shimakaze did.

Eagerly waiting for her Figma version as well…


Meanwhile I’m still getting neko-pwnched while trying to get into the ranks of them new waves of Teitoku…

I know it’s to lessen the burden of them servers but to limit the new applications via login lottery on daily (Or a couple of days…) basis?


Japanese sure love them lottery systems (Dolffie Dream lottery purchase, Ichiban Kuji, Gachapon, etc…). orz

It may be well some time before I can have a fleet of my own kanmusu yet… :/


11 responses

  1. Aya Yuuhi

    I’m not playing Kancolle, and I guessed my luck won’t ever bring me into playing it….. but I love Kongou already from reading stuffs about her.

    I can’t wait for the anime!

    12th January, 2014 at 12:05

    • Still trying to dodge neko-pwnch…

      13th January, 2014 at 10:09

      • Aya Yuuhi

        Goodluck! I’m sure you’re going to be a great Teitoku for the Kanmusu~

        (I want to buy Kongou’s nendo…)

        14th January, 2014 at 18:13

  2. Cute, but why not Kongou from Aoki Hagane too? ;)

    12th January, 2014 at 23:00

    • Arpeggio I prefer Tsunakao XDc

      13th January, 2014 at 09:53

      • Agreed! Takao is ♥

        14th January, 2014 at 02:36

  3. Shimakaze’s Figma is ok, but for some odd reason i want Atago more >_<


    13th January, 2014 at 12:27

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