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Procuration: Gifts from a Fiesta

You don’t expect me to come home from an ACG event empty-handed, do you? XDc


Unlike past trips, I didn’t put any of my monetary reserves for usage at all during my roaming of the halls. =w= Many of the figures and stuff I want I’ve already gotten them from prior events and/or online shopping, and most of the doujin stuffs are not to my flavour at all.

Except the Kancolle’s Kongou button badge. But they were sold out when I realised of their existence. orz

However I still got my hands on a number of acquisitions, all but one of them freebies from the event halls…   

Just finished the main game not long ago and a very dedicated fan of the franchise, I’ve always wanted to get a replica of the game protag’s signature Hidden Blade, especially the one from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag with all them arr-matey pirate motifs.  

While not technically a freebie from the event itself, millions of thanks to him, I’ve acquired this through the machination of a certain DerPy agent of the MARVELous from his originating place of residence. Through him as a proxy I bought and had him passed the purchase to me during Day 00.

If you’ve met up with me during the two days of Comic Fiesta you’ll undoubtedly noticed the gauntlet I wore on my forearm and had saw its spring-loaded retractable blade at work. XDc


As mentioned before, the Animax booth attracted my attention due to its promotion of a few of the latest anime series in my watch list, namely: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, Golden Time, Strike the Blood, etc.

By having a picture taken with the Golden Time standees, one could collect a folder of this containing nine trading card sized posters of all the anime series in promotion. :3c Nice collectible freebies! 


Was strolling around the halls of Comic Fiesta when a random exhibitor passed me this. It is a name tag or sorts in the shape of a luggage. 

Cool! Just when I needed something to identify my travelling luggage when moving around places. w


Got a Candy Cane as a X’mas Christmas gift from a cosplayer named Miwako I know from during the Summit earlier the year. 

A very nice and warm seasons greeting from her and her foxy partner Akagitsune, along with her musume Celine to Tama-chan and I… Thank you very much Mami-san for the diabetic-induced present! :3c


Well that pretty much about it. Nothing figure related as per my usual event trips but oh well. orz

Anyway a Happy New Year to all of you! :3c

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