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Day Zero: Calm Before the Storm

Tagging along with members of the Los Gospel Cosplay Club/Konatsu/KH last week, I’ve paid a visit to one of the largest ACG event I’ve ever experienced these past few years in the region.

Truly Anime Festival Asia cannot compare to its sheer scale although the latter has the advantage of special seiyuu and anime industry guests to pay a visit!

It was also my first ever trip to a Comic Fiesta, out of its many years of annual occurrence.


Departed on the morning of last Friday, I rode the (Chartered by our group) bus on a long road trip towards our destination, which lasts for several hours amongst them winding roads and rolling hills.

Had fun mingling and getting to know new comrades I’ve met on the bus while all of us enjoying a Mikupa concert along the way. XDc

Caught this sound asleep neko during one of the break time at a rest stop during the long road trip to the event city. www

We’ve reached our hotel at roughly an hour past Noon. Upon checking into our respective rooms, we were now on our free time since that the event only starts on the next day. Following the usual course of action I’ve always taken on any ACG trip I’m participating, I’m heading to the event site for a rough inspection.

Bidding my roommates farewell, I’ve set my feet towards one of the most unforgettable day of my recent years when my Otaku Jinx skill decided to activate itself once again after many Moons of absence.

First I was forced to buy a new umbrella since it was raining neko and inu during the time of disembarkation. Cash reserves: – RM 16.90 from total. Then I was foolish enough to try to walk to the site on foot since I heard it’s only a 10-minutes-plus walk away, only to get lost for an hour or so ultimately thanks to not only one but two incompetent GPS systems installed on my Sumafo. Exhausted and wet from rains and sweats, I had no choice but to call for a cab service which costs me RM 20 of fee. orz 


I’ve managed to reach the site after a brief rendezvous with a DerPy friend of mine to retrieve a loot he got for me from Australia, and together we headed to Ground Zero at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. w 

Such long hallways, that’s the first thought that came to view as I stepped into the building! Many comrades had already gathered around in wait for the retrieval of their booked Early Bird Tix.

Good thing I’ve already got mine thanks to the trip organiser. 


Although it seems so, these halls are not meant for the public during the event days, reserved only to those possessing a premium pass (Guests/Exhibitors/Crews).

The ticketing and the waiting-cum-queuing area is on the other side of the building. The said area is particularly enormous, yet according to the organisers, is not enough to contain the throng of eager comrades rushing to the event halls on the actual days. XDc  


Further into the actual halls is another queuing barricade meant for those in possession of them Early Birds Tix, and is the last gate before entering the holy grounds. w

Just behind the barricade at the end of Hall 5 (For reference please study the map of the event…) is a boarded area intended as changing rooms for visiting cosplayers and the designated cosplaying set-up zone.


1st stop once you got through the barricade is the huge event space in Hall 4+5 for the League of Legends regional tournament, with lots of seats for watching audience. 


Further down are the Premium Booths of Hall 4, consisting of various sectioned display panels meant for participating doujin circles and some exhibitors. 


The booths of Culture Japan, Good Smile Company and Bushiroad located right at the end of Hall 4.


Connecting Halls 4 and 2 is the narrow walkway of Hall 3, the event’s official booth Coffy Tiam is located at the end of Hall 3 just before the tip of Hall 2. 


The backbone of the event itself is located within Hall 2, consisting of hundreds of tables divided into several rows for the doujinshi stuff mimicking that of Japan’s Comic Market.

It’s no wonder CF is being referred to as a Chibier version of Comiket, you’ll see why in the subsequent blog post. =w=


Next stop is the Exhibitor area, consisting of retailers and various agencies selling and promoting ACG stuff during the event days.


One particular Exhibitor caught my attention; Animax has a small booth with standees and posters promoting the recent anime series like Golden Time, Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, Strike the Blood, etc.

Incidentally most of them are in my watch list and many are my faves of the season. w


Lastly at the end of the darkened Hall 1 is the main stage for various activities during the event days.

No chairs are provided, just free floor seating. orz


Wasted beyond recovery and fearful of getting lost again, I’ve decided to cab my way back to my hotel after leaving Ground Zero. However due to the crazy traffic jams everywhere plus the driver taking the longer route instead of heading straight to destination, coupled with the taxi driver’s extortionate fees, I was conned a total of RM 40 from the ride back (And it was originally RM 55 or something if I didn’t lied about my wallet’s emptiness). >,<

Oh well enough ranting. Coming up next will be a thorough look at them incredible collections of anything ACG under one single roof.

Oh by the way, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all readers of this blog~! =w=


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