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A random post while preparing myself for the upcoming Comic Fiesta 2013 this weekend, which is just T-minus 5 days left! w

Anyway, if you’ve followed the Bakemonogatari Second Season since last season, you’ll know about the bubbly middle-schooler being Shaft’d into a pale, radiant goddess/deity.

The recent arc from Koimonogatari even fully moe-fied her appearance with a dash of “Nadeko dayo~”! XDc  

 photo Nadekodayo_Koimonogatari.gif

Why the mention of Sengoku Nadeko you ask?

Well, ever since she’d become Nadeko Snake-sama, I’ve silently cried out for a Nendo and/or Figma version of her. Unfortunately GSC have yet to hint, let alone announce the possibility of her figure creation. :/

I have a Nenpuchi Nadeko from my past purchase, as well as a Nenpuchi Mikudayo I’ve “accidentally” acquired during AFA13… Oh wait that combination… =w=

A quad of Nadekodayo variations. Choose your poison! :3c 


This will either scarred your mind for a while, vomit-inducing disgusted, tickled your funny bone or just awwwww…

Your pick. :P


2 responses

  1. Wut? Did she turned into a gorgon/medusa?

    16th December, 2013 at 19:47

    • Watch Otorimonogatari. w

      16th December, 2013 at 20:16

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