Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

A Merry Comical Fiesta

After experiencing the much smaller-in-scale ACG event earlier this year appropriately named Comic Fiesta Mini on my island, my body is lady for one of the largest (Of the region), full-fledged gathering of Anime, Manga and Games in one place.


Hitching a ride along with members of Los Gospel Cosplay Club, this will be my first time paying a visit to this decade old otaku tradition of my country. :3c

Spanning over all the halls (1-6) within Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Comic Fiesta 2013 will be held on the 21st and 22nd of December, a few days before Christmas. w

That’s only 10 days away! D:


As for them tix? It’s RM 20 per day for them normal tix. There were also early bird tix available but those are already sold out. Such is the popularity of this ACG event! :Dc

Good thing I’ve secured my early bird tix via LGCC when I’ve booked my transport and lodge some Moons ago.


While not as grand as Anime Festival Asia with the attendance of various well-known seiyuu, artistes and big names of the anime industry, CF13 will have several guests from various circles attending the event itself, a few of them are also guests for the recently passed AFA13

Danny Choo, the pioneer in Smart Doll technology and has already been collaborating with Comic Fiesta for many years, will no doubt joining us at the venue. Besides the Mirai Water, I wonder what else will he surprises us with this time around. 


Being an event that focused upon the artistic creativity of doujinshi, there’ll of course several guest illustrators invited to attend this ACG event.

If you’ve been to CJC13 and/or haven been following developments over at Danny Choo’s before, you’ll no doubt recognise DMYO and Ikkyu sensei as the prime forces behind those lovely posters of bishoujo and chibi forms of Suenaga Mirai.


Popular illustrator redjuice and Vofan will also grace the event itself, no doubt bringing exciting illustrated pieces over for the fans. 


Known for his Vocaloid songs, livetune is an internet sensation and will perform during CF13 stage live. w


On the gaming scene, OSU! creator ppy will make an appearance during the event too.


Cosplayers are also one of the main attraction of Comic Fiesta over the years. Well know cosplayers Onnies, stayxxxx and Yuegene Fay will be the guests of CF13. :3c

Speaking of cosplays, just outside the convention centre is a park suitable for gathering of cosplayers, do remember to stalk the area for them wonderful cosplays during the event. XDc


Tama-chan will once again accompany me for this trip, and Christmas being only a couple of days after CF13, expect her in her festive crimson getup. =w=

See you all next Saturday!


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