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Clingy Foxy Apparel

After the discovery of this foxy apparel, I’ve been in dilemma for days at her acquisition.

Yet this foxy miko managed to melt down my will (As always), beckoning my crying wallet-kun to its limit. =w= 


Unfortunately due to EG-Tops policy on Amazon, they won’t ship outside Japan, forcing me to rely once again my trusted proxy service…

Which means an extra couple of thousand yen of further spending just to get her to my den. T^T

As stated before this T-Shirt is available on  at 6,300 yen, although it’s outta stock now.

EQ-Tops hinted of a possible rerelease during C85 Fuyukomi later this month though so please do remember to visit their booth if you’re visiting Comiket. Maybe they’ll restock their Amazon store too :3c 


A very fine and colourful print on both sides of the T-Shirt itself, fully capturing the essence and personality of our naughty kitsune onto the apparel.  


The attached labels that comes along with the T-Shirt, including the official licensing declaration as well as the maker/brand of the polyester material used for this T-Shirt.  


And finally, here’s a close up look at the material of the T-Shirt itself.

Feels somewhat stretchy!


Although fit, the T-Shirt is quite clingy on me as I usually don apparel sized at Asian XL for comfort…

May have to work a bit to get more comfortable whilst wearing it… orz


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