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Fateful Foxy Apparel

I kinda failed as Tama-chan’s ご主人様 for not noticing this almost half a year ago… orz 

A T-Shirt released by EG-Tops as a limited merchandise to C84 Natsukomi as part of the Fate/Extra CCC series!

EGTOPS_ Fate_Extra_CCC_Full_Colour_T-Shirt_01

Unlike most of the so-called Full Graphic/Print T-Shirts similarly priced from other companies (Which features only a single side of fully printed T-Shirt), this release had both of its sides covered with the foxiness of a certain magical kitsune! w

This 2-Face Full Colour T-Shirt is made of polyester material and sized at L, although an exchange of tweets (Excuse my bad Japanese if they don’t make sense XDc) between me and EG-Tops confirmed it being Free-Size at Height 71 cm x Width 53 cm x Sleeve 21 cm.

The front side of the T-Shirt features a bikini malfunctioned, embarrassed Tama-chan trying to readjust her せくすぃーびきに tops while the rear features her in her default 漆黒の魔術服 costume in the game. 

EGTOPS_ Fate_Extra_CCC_Full_Colour_T-Shirt_02EGTOPS_ Fate_Extra_CCC_Full_Colour_T-Shirt_03

A close up look at the actual product shot shows of the high quality print on the T-Shirt. The colours look sharp and contrasting, unlike some of the others that shows up washed out, etc. 

EGTOPS_ Fate_Extra_CCC_Full_Colour_T-Shirt_04EGTOPS_ Fate_Extra_CCC_Full_Colour_T-Shirt_05

The T-Shirt is now available on in really limited quantity at 6,300 yen, although EQ-Tops hinted of a possible rerelease during C85 Fuyukomi next Moon.

There’s also Saber Bride version available to those interested.

4 responses

  1. Too bad you can’t reverse the back and front of this shirt.

    26th November, 2013 at 13:44

    • Same thought here. w

      26th November, 2013 at 13:45

  2. I need this shirt *_* lol

    6th December, 2013 at 02:45

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