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A Sengoku Master Bushi Led Astray

Gunpla Expo World Tour Japan 2013 is now on-going (21st – 24th of November) and with it comes the news on various upcoming and future projects on them Gunpla. w 


While there are many prototypes and announcements being made, my eyes are currently fixed upon the new 2014 lines of Master Grade kits of the latest series Gundam Build Fighters’ gunpla form.^_~ 

It’s no surprise the protag’s main gunpla units, the Build Strike Gundam and Build Gundam Mk II, received an MG kit since their base body MG Strike Gundam and MG Gundam Mk II already have a Version 2.0 mould.

I guess that could be applied to other units from the anime too since most if not all of them are customised from major base bodies available. 

The MG Sengoku Astray caught my attention. Incidentally, Sengoku Astray will make appearance in this week’s episode of Gundam Build Fighters!  W00t!


I did mentioned before that I love the samurai vibes on an Astray Red Frame so much, the base body used for this kit, that I’ve placed a PO on its HG kit which will be released next Moon.

With the announcement of the MG kit, I no longer have any reason to get the inferior HG version (Already cancelled the PO) any more since MG kits are my fave amongst all the scales of gunpla out there. Feels much more comfortable handling a kit with its size and detailing. :3


Basically your base Red Frame will add-on armours parts especially the elaborated shoulder armours. w

I wonder how much detail will be engineered onto the shoulder armour since it will transform into a pair of gigantic hands… Hopefully it’s not just a blown up version of the HG kit. :/


Anyway I’m thinking whether should I buy the kit by itself or just order the added runners from Hobby Link Japan and just slap them onto my base Red Frame. XDc

MG Sengoku Astray will be release in February next year @ 5,000 yen.


2 responses

  1. Buy the kit. Have both Red Astrays battle it out later. XD

    22nd November, 2013 at 10:56

    • 武者ガンダム乱入!w

      22nd November, 2013 at 11:44

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