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Cultural Night After AFA13

Anime Festival Asia 2013 maybe over, but there’s still a social assembly left to attend on the day after… the usual Post AFA gathering of Culture Japan Night.


Held at the Kallang Theatre near the Stadium MRT station identical to last year, it was more of a Culture Japan Noon as the event started at roughly 1500 hours until 2000 hours of the day.

As usual, flocks of comrades joined the fun, with Danny-san explaining the progress and the making of his upcoming “manual” version of Smart Doll, which should roll out to production by next year.

Auto” version is still current;y in beta phase. XDc


Collateral Damage Studios, a local doujin cricle, have a presence and a small panel after Danny-san’s, introducing and answering questions posted by attending comrades on Aizawa Inori, the official mascot for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer designed by them!

凄い! Their work has finally gained recognition from the corporate world! :D

They assured long time fans that their doujin circle will still exists even though they have  ventured into the commercial world. XDc


On the other side of the presentation area, C.D.S. set up a small corner to showcase and of course put up one of their art book for sale.

Really impressive and beautifully illustrated artworks there!


While didn’t make it during AFA, they also had a set of Aizawa Inori cosplay displayed here.

Too bad no cosplayer to feature the outfit during the event though. w   


Elsewhere, Good Smile Company had an area displayed with placards of their upcoming products.

Too bad they didn’t prepare any prototypes or figure displays this year. :/


There are garage kits too.

Some of them were seen during AFA at the Creators Hub.


Nendoroid, Figma and some other stuffs enthusiastically displayed by attending comrades. :D


There was a Moekana tournament going on at the other side of the room, where contestants strive to create as many Japanese  words using the Hiragana cards on hand. 


A staple during any CJN, a corner of doll displays, specifically Dollfie Dreams and a few other types. 


Comrade Mak’s MDD Silica with her familiar Pino, fully customised and commissioned at Black Swan’s, the very same producer of Tama-chan’s newer wigs. :P

Currently considering a remake of Tama-chan’s default outfit from them but their high costs putting me in a bind…  


A DD Saber Lily/Zero and a DD Kirigiri Kyouko! www


Of course Tama-chan attended the gathering. =w= Only realise she forgot to wear her necklace after the assembly… orz

It’s good to see again Comrade Alvin’s reporter DD Yukino and Danny’s Smart Doll (I would like to code her as SmD, but Danny-san insisted on calling them as “9000+” www) Mirai-chan too. 


This late comer DD Saber Lily in Shingeki no Kyoujin’s Reconnaissance Corps outfit only showed up after the end of the gathering. ^^;


And that concludes my AFA trip this year!

Maybe due to the lack of an actual doll display booth in AFA, not many musume accompanied their owners to the event this year, thus explaining the dwindling numbers of those attended during this year’s CJN (Last year’s participating dolls are aplenty).

Gonna show some of my loot in the next posting.

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  3. Nice collection of photos from CJ Night Singapore, I was there as well!

    Not sure if I talked to you, but I certainly had a great time there meeting & connecting with new friends (Also had a great late-night dinner with Danny & his team after the event) :)

    17th November, 2013 at 17:31

    • We might have talked. We might not. =w=

      18th November, 2013 at 17:44

  4. noseoul

    what head sculpt is tama-chan?

    18th November, 2013 at 10:27

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