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「Condor Eject; Operation: Surveillance」

Continuing from the initial look at the Transformers Masterpiece MP-13 Soundwave, this time let’s have a look at its signature Cassetticon minion, Condor aka Laserbeak…


In comparison here are Condor in its Cassette mode, sized at about 1/2 of the device it is based upon and closely resembles that of the Micro Cassette.

The cassettes in their respective casing.


Condor comes with a clear pinkish casing made to resemble the real one, for when it chose to not stay inside Soundwave’s chest compartment. ^_~


Time to transform. *Mechanical whirl*



Condor in its robot mode, resembling a jet fighter more than a predator bird IMHO. :3c


Condor doesn’t have much optional articulation points on it, instead relying upon its transformation points to do any actual posing.

Situated upon the end of Soundwave’s forearms is a single protruding clear part, of which it could had Condor perched upon.


Besides that, Soundwave’s shoulders also have many parallel docking points for Condor to rest upon. Just like in the animation, there’s a hidden camera on Condor’s forehead, signifying its role as a surveillance scout.


In its official form, Condor seems to be soaring due to its jet fighter like over all design, even when rested by Soundwave’s shoulder. By slightly adjusting the transformation points, one could make Condor more bird-like, retracting its wings, standing chest-high and interacting with its master in a much more natural way. :D

I actually learned this as well as other hidden gimmicks from the video review made by Optibotimus moons before I got Soundwave.


Now’s the time you’ve been waiting for, Soundwave’s alternate Device mode. *Mechanical whirl*



The Device mode really brings the nostalgic feel of an era sans the MP3 players and/or smartphones.

Soundwave is supposed to be a mini compo with built-in speakers on either sides but the same time feels like a portable cassette player where joggers carry around listening to their favourite oldies. 


The rear side of the device mode seems rather lacking with lots of unfilled gaps thanks to the transformation, but is otherwise a great disguise for the Destron (Decepticon). w

Its docked gun and shoulder rocket pod are made to resemble a couple of battery packs…


Close ups on them details all over the device.

The staple Play, Stop, Record, Fast Forward and Rewind buttons of a cassette player are silver coated, situated just below the main player compartment.

Both the Fast Forward and the Rewind buttons can be pushed (With spring gimmick) but the remaining three are fixed. 


Highly visible markings of L and R indicates the speakers on both sides of the Device.


At the bottom of the R speaker is a single red L.E.D. indicator with the marking REC/BATT.

Pretty much self-explanatory. w


There’s a slide-able lever gimmick at the R side of the Device, as well as various random slots for input/output…


…and a volume control on the other side. More random slots. 


Just below the volume control side of the Device is a connector.

You could attach the Sensor thingie from robot mode, giving off an impression of an external connector connecting Soundwave to a computer or something, as seen in the animation when it replays the spy recordings from Condor. 


And of course the cassette compartment.

Let’s skip this since we’ve already had a look last time.


Atop of the R speaker is a slot meant for earphone jacks.

Yes, the slot does work, large and deep enough to insert an earphone or any jack with similar size and length. 

Here I used the iCat earphone jack decoration for testing purpose. XDc 


I did mentioned last time that the packaging is a little too large and a waste of space… Here’s why: Soundwave in Device mode is definitely compact!

And since many accessories can be stashed upon the Device itself, one could really had the packaging in only about 1/5th of the current size, saving production and shipping costs! >,<


All and all I’m really satisfied and impressed with the design of Soundwave itself, retaining its G1 look and feel as well as its original toy’s design.

A pity I missed the 1st production else I’ll have already acquired this many moon ago.

Am also a little regretful of not obtaining Jaguar (Ravage) and Rumble (Frenzy) set. Really needed them to bolster the Cassetticons’ force. w


2 responses

  1. Anonymous

    I have the original soundwave and condor but the stickers are already peeling off since its been with me for over 15years.

    21st October, 2013 at 05:42

    • Original Soundwave’s Cassetticons fit MP Soundwave’s chest compartment BTW w

      23rd October, 2013 at 16:37

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