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More Secret Additions to AFA13

Looks like them AFA13 officials are getting greedy… XDc


Yet another sudden reveal via their Book of Faces, there will be another trio of special guests to make their appearance during this year’s AFA…

I guess have confirmed that a certain Tenshi is going to be definitely very excited over this announcement. XDc

From the FB post:

Tokui Sora, Nitta Emi, Mimori Suzuko


Breaking News! Love Live! School Idol Project! Guest Seiyuu Appearances at AFA 2013 in Singapore! Let’s welcome, Nitta Emi, Mimori Suzuko and Tokui Sora!

Besides being part of Milky Holmes, Suzuko Mimori and Sora Tokui also have voicing roles in Love Live!, playing the roles of Sonoda Umi and Yawaza Niko respectively. Together with Nitta Emi who voices Kousaka Honoka, these 3 voice actress will be special guests at AFA13!

As always, the official site has yet to update their page with the new additions… :3c For more information and upcoming announcements please consult the official site itself…


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