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A Sengoku Bushi Led Astray

It’s been ages since I last touch a Gunpla. It was about two years ago to be exact, when I last build my own mecha model kits—oh wait I built a Kotobukiya’s Metal Gear Ray (Of Metal Gear Solid fame) earlier this year which I never get around to do a proper photo shoot… orz


Anyway, a new upcoming Gundam anime series will be on air very, very soon. Gundam Build Fighters is an expansion to the OVA Gunpla Builders Beginning G from years ago, which is a cross between the Plamo hobby and Angelic Layer. ^_~

Of course Bandai spares no time to quickly convert them mecha design into Gunpla form. Amongst the many unique and incredible customs from the show, one of them in particular caught my eyes. 

I really adore the design of the original Astray Red Frame (Gundam SEED Astray series), especially since it wields a Katana named Gerbera Straight aka Kikuichimonji (And a 2nd one named Tiger Pierce aka Kotetsu further down its design evolutions) that makes it an agile samurai-like mecha. However being a lightweight design, Red Frame lacks the signature ornamental/ceremonial armour parts that usually associated with a Samurai.

Last I remember the only true Samurai-like Gundam is Musha Gundam of the Gundam Musou series, but since it is based upon the original RX-78-2 ver. 1.5 frame, it’s very bulky and inelegant, at least not to my liking. 

 This changes with this custom however. Two of my favourite designs in one package: Red Frame AND Samurai armour parts! 


Sengoku Astray is one of the side chara’s Gunpla featured in the upcoming anime series. It is based upon the original Red Frame with customisation to make it fit the image of its namesake, a Sengoku era bushi. w

It may not look like much as seen from above, but the transition from concept art to actual Gunpla mould is astonishing so to speak. The final product looks wicked awesome! :3


With a more elaborated V fins as well as huge shoulder pads and knee pads with little details here and there, Sengoku Astray really is a dream come true for me. A little disappointed this announcement is for the 1/144 HGBF series of the Gunpla (I usually go for 1/100 MG series) but that alone most probably will not stop me from acquiring this. XD

Sengoku Astray also comes with twin Katana that are mounted upon its shoulder pads. The black part of the armour can be unfold to reveal an extra couple of huge forearms that can hold both Katana too. XDc

It also features a gigantic Oni mask upon its back as its backpack, which can be doubled up as a shield. w


So far the only thing that bothers me (As well as others as far as I can hear) is the gold part just on its face mask. I would rather leave the original Red Frame’s face mask  as it is without the golden cover. Also being an HG Gunpla, I suspect it will require some painting to make it more colour-accurate (Which is why I prefer MG kits as they are usually colour moulded).

Sengoku Astray will be release in December @ 1,800 yen. PO is now available at various online stores. w


5 responses

  1. Q

    It’s understandable that Gunpla variations are readily available on 1/144 scale because it’s easier to modify without changing too many parts, and it’s easier to build as well!

    Can’t help it but I keep staring at that crazy Oni face shield!

    15th October, 2013 at 11:00

  2. actually Gold part is a mixed feeling as some like it but some serious gunpla fan don’t as they want to paint themselves and repainting over gold part is a pain to some.

    21st October, 2013 at 11:31

    • My comment of the gold part is that the original Astray’s mouth piece is cool enough, no need extra gold piece to cover w

      23rd October, 2013 at 16:38

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