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Dolls of CJC13

As a follow-up to yesterday’s gallery of them various figure displays in Culture Japan Convention, I’ve mentioned about figures owners sharing the display booth with us doll owners of musume of any genre and sizes, no?

Furthermore, the space is titled Dolls and Figures Booth… XDc Therefore, let’s have a look at them lovelies gracing the event!


For stage events and commercial booths and shenanigans, please refer to the post-con report posted a couple of nights ago…  :3c

While limited in numbers, dolls do take up a large portion of the display space (Usually 60 cm in height) when compared to your average scaled figures and such (Except Three-A’s Metal Gear REX. That behemoth is enormous!).

Although we’ve sent out invitations for other InnovaDDoushi of the region and even beyond, only a few answered our call to let their musume mingle with ours due to various reasons (Bad scheduling, shy, sight-seeing, etc.).

As such, a majority of the musume you’ve seen during CJC (Or here in the piccies) belong to the core members of my island’s DD owners, including myself.


There are a few visitors from overseas had their musume displayed along with ours tho, such as this DD Saber Extra named Claudius, belongs to a New-Zealand cosplayer Simon, clad in his Saotome Alto cosplay from Macross Frontier (Cosplay piccies will be posted next). w


Kotama-chan and Chibi-chan joined in the display too, but separated from the others along with Tama-chan in a glass cabinet. ^_~


Tama-chan @ Day 1, clad in her default outfit (蒼色の呪術服) from Fate/Extra…


And in her lovely, if somewhat risqué, bikini (せくすいーびきに) @ Day 2. www


Danny-san brings his Smart Doll prototype around the place, but she usually rests on the stage with him. :P

And the rest of them musume on (And off) display…


This custom MDD Kaname Madoka is really cute.


Even the small ones (about 23 cm in height, Kotama-chan belongs to this category) join in the fun…

There are a few others that I didn’t managed to capture in lens due to their owners only displaying theirs for a few hours before going off for sight-seeing (And I was away that time ^^;).

There are also a couple of DD parents feeling a bit shy to had their musume displayed too… 


Finally a group photo of those contributed and were still around when the CJC reached its closing time on Day 2…


The upcoming post will finalised the CJC report on my side, and will contain many lovely cosplayers piccies just to feast your eyes.

Do stay tuned.


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