Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Attractions of CJC13

Last weekend on the 17th and 18th, on my island one of the larger ACG event of the country happened.

Thanks to the machination cooperation between Danny-san and Penang Global Tourism, many comrades and I from all over the surrounding region and even from overseas were fully enjoying ourselves in the wake of like-minded individuals and one another. 


As what I always did during any past ACG events I’ve attended, I’ve paid the 6th floor of SQCC a visit the night before the actual opening day, the site where Culture Japan was held, as an early reconnaissance along with inspection to find out how I will approach the site.

Not to mention since I’m to display my Servant at one of them booths, I need to make sure the amount of items I needed to bring beforehand. :3c

Even as I rushed towards the destination after my RL job, I’ve found many booth had already done setting up their stuff, with a few still having last-minute double checks.

1st stop is the Culture Japan booth, the main attraction of the event itself since they’re selling the much sought after and limited Suenaga Mirai Touch ‘n’ Go design cards…   XDc  Next to them is the anime merchandise shop Nozomi. 

The main stage is situated just diagonally across Culture Japan’s booth and next to the GSC booth (right behind CJ’s booth). This is where all the panels, guest appearances and contests gonna happen. XDc Up next is the booth for Little Akiba and their sponsored TCG tournaments.


The amply named Dolls and Figures booth, of which I’m having Tama-chan displayed along with her counterparts, is shared amongst the doll owners with them figure (Gundam, Figma, Nendo, Macross, Transformers, etc.) owners.

Me and a few of my fellow doll parents paid a visit that night to plan out how we should place our musume. 


Next to our place is the Guest Merchandise booth where various postcards and posters of Maridah and Angie as well as Vividblaze and Asakawa Yuu will be on sale.

Further down the path are of course the many tables of them doujin area.


The huge, walled-in booth of VBG Network, covered with huge prints of various anime posters…


Had to leave the site a couple of hours later due to it being closed off for the nite.

Managed to grab many pass tags from the management before returning to my den… These passes are meant for other doll owners who have yet to show up that night. Of course one of them is mine… XDc

Ikkyuu sensei’s Mirai-chan graces the front page of the pass tags… ^_^


Even after I’ve reached my place, I still had to start to prepare and pack various stuff for the event itself for the next day, most importantly Tama-chan of course…


Chibi-chan and Kotama-chan are coming along as well.

Just have a look at how excited she is! :P


Time skip to the next day! Reached the site (very smooth driving from my den to the destination…) hours before the opening to set up Tama-chan for display. Here’s be the ‘gate’ that welcomes you into the hall itself…

Do note that the followings consist of piccies from both days, so some of the stuffs you see might be from Day 1, Day 2 and vice versa, not in particular order.


Chibi Mirai-chan is everywhere! Here she works part-time for Kinokuniya, one of the largest book store chain in my country.

Kinokuniya now offers their privilege cards with printed design of chibi Mirai on them, of which you can use to get discounts on stuffs you buy from the physical and online stores all over the country.


With the opening hours drawing near, everyone’s rushing for last checks and preparation…

The figure side of our booth still have heaps of their boxes lying around trying to keep up their speed to display their superb numbers of figures.

Other booths fare not much better with the imminent opening countdown, drown in the midst of waiting comrades’ chattering. 


Intermission: Hachikuji Freeman-san lost within the midst of the doujin booths…


Meanwhile: crowd control in progress…

The staff decided to let a portion of the throng to flock into the entrance to help ease the lines outside the gate itself, as the surrounding area are a bit too narrow to fit such a mass. 


And the Zerg-Rushing have begun! 


No surprise there, as everyone’s target are those decks of Mirai-chan TnG cards…


Last person at any queue have the honour to grope hold this Chibi Mirai over their head. :P


The place started to fill up fast with various comrades gathering around their intended destination, may it be card tournaments or doujins.


At the other end of the hall are pinned piccies of cosplay photos and artworks submitted by various comrades before hand, for the photo and art contests of which the results will be calculated by the numbers of the stickers accumulated, which are voted by any visitors of the event (Each comrade is given a Mirai sticker when they bought their ticket of the day). 


From time to time some walk ways will be empty when there’s any panels and other stuffs happen on the stage area.

This shot was taken during the period of Cosplay Competition on Day 2… 


A grand gathering of guests for a group photo on Day 1, which includes some big shots, Jimmy Choo-san, etc., and of course special invited guests like:


The world renown living Saber, Her Gao-ness, Maridah-sama;


Angie, a local cosplayer; Ikkyuu sensei, the one behind those cutesy chibi Mirai; 


The bishoujo Mirai artist, DMYO-sensei;




And finally the seiyuu behind Megurine Luka’s voice, Asakawa Yuu onee-sama. XDc


Asakawa Yuu-sama had a panel where she’s talking all about her powerful command of English, as well as her voice acting career and other strange stuffs… XDc

There’s a signing session later the day where we get to have the guests’ autograph on any stuff you want. Angie, Asakawa-san, DMYO-sensei and Danny-san heads the session on Day 1.


On Day 2 we have Her Gao-ness’s panel on her cosplay hobby, answering random questions posted by various comrades near the stage…


…including her own doppelgänger. www


There’s an autograph session on Day 2 as well, this time pioneered by Maridah-sama, Ikkyuu-sensei, Vividblaze and of course Danny-san again…

Just like on Day 1 the queue is enormous!


While queuing up really adds to the stress of my already exhausted feet for both days, they are kinda worth the trouble since I managed to get all the guests’ signatures onto my pass tag… ^_~ DMYO-sensei’s signature is kinda kawaii with a >0< neko XDc

Wait a minute, where are Maridah and Asakawa-san’s signature?


Here they are, on the packaging of my Nendo Saber Lion and Nendo Megurine Luka!

Just Asakawa-san and Her Gaoness Maridah-sama being playful here… :3c



As for the only loot from the event itself, I bought a Nendo Kaname Madoka Maiko ver. with the help of a fellow doll owner…

Heard that the limited Nendo Maid Nyaruko and Stein’s Gate’s Christina scale figure went outta stock as soon as the 1st two or three comrades in the queue clearing them off the shelf! 0_0


End of report for Culture Japan Convention.

Next post will be on the exhibits as seen within the halls of the event! ^_^


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  1. Arayden


    19th August, 2013 at 23:35

    • Enjoy your jigsaw puzzles! :P

      20th August, 2013 at 12:03

      • Arayden

        What jigsaw puzzle, no one saw the madoka jigsaw puzzle prize =w=U

        22nd August, 2013 at 23:35

      • Arayden

        then again.. that was one heck of a upset i caused there. =w=U

        23rd August, 2013 at 09:58

  2. Looks like you had a great time at CJC! ^^

    20th August, 2013 at 04:12

  3. Kind of jealous of all of the fun there. Hey, you met the Gao-ness in person! AWESOME.

    20th August, 2013 at 13:17

    • As a member of the Knights of the Gao Table, it’s an obligation. :3c

      20th August, 2013 at 13:27

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