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Flooring the Schedule of CJC13

In exactly a week’s time, one of the most anticipated ACG event on my island since Comic Fiesta Mini last weekend will finally happen!


As the time draws near, the official site is busying itself with many, many updates detailing the upcoming contents that will make their appearance in the event itself.

The layout of the event hall is finally decided. Occupying the 6th floor in Straits Quay Convention Centre, there will be various commercial and display booths, as well as doujinshi areas and cosplayer changing/deposit corner. Even the event stage is within the same floor! XDc

Not shown is the ground/1st floor where there will be foods and drinks on sale for those comrades in need of nourishment, as well as some promotions by the events official partners… ^_~


Here’s a  2D floor plan for those preferring the flatness of awesomeness than 3DPD (3-Dimensional Pictorial Diagram). :P


As for the stage events, looks like it will be a fun experience for me with  several panels and workshops spanning across these two days. I’m especially eager to meet Asakawa-san to have her autographed my box of Nendo and/or Megurina Luka ^_~

Also as a member of the Knights of the Gao Table along with Comrade Crimotaku, I am obliged to present myself to the grace of Her Gaoness Maridah-sama. XDc


Did you know Good Smile Company will attend this event too? Wait, there’s more… They’ll bring in some of the exclusives previously available during WonFes some weeks ago, of which their PO have yet to start and the final products will only be available later the year! You can get them earlier than other comrades of the world! 0_0

The exclusives include: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Yukata Ver. Natsutsubaki.


Nendoroid Kaname Madoka: Maiko Ver. Am kinda interested in getting this one…


Nendoroid Nyaruko: Maid Ver.


From Idolm@ster Cinderella Girls, Figma Jougasaki Rika and her sister Figma Jougasaki Mika. ^_^


And finally a scaled figure, Kurisu Makise: White Coat Ver 1/8 scale figure.


There are of course more stuffs going on at the event itself. Further info please refer to the official CJC13 page on Culture Japan.

As a footnote, Tama-chan and I will be at the Doll & Figure Display booth just opposite VBG. If you wish to have your dolls or figures on display with us, please do not hesitate to contact me via email (Please locate my Gmail button under the “Holo-Net Access” category at the top right corner of this blog. Thanks.) on doll matters. On the figure side please contact the person-in-charge’s email instead. ^_^

See you all there in a week!


One response

  1. Nice. Hope you’ll have fun.
    Sadly I can’t join the event…T_T

    9th August, 2013 at 17:53

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