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Comical Mini Fiesta

An expansion to the Northern region, the decade+ old Comic Fiesta (one of the largest ACG event in my country and the region) graced my island.


As a warm-up towards my eventual visit to the actual Comic Fiesta later the year, I’ve attended this Comic Fiesta Mini yesterday directly after my RL job, which was held at the newly opened Gurney Paragon Mall, of which CJNoon was once held in its adjacent building earlier this year.  :3c

While somewhat bigger than most of the other ACG events I’ve attended on my island before, CFMini packs several commercial booths and rotsa doujinshi around.

Really huge wave of crowds turn up that day (since there’s no entrance fees to be collected at all, it’s free of charge), with the hall fully packed with cosplayers, your average curious citizens, and otakus alike…


One of the nice artworks at them doujinshi booths…

Shingeki no Kyoujin seems to be the rage these days…


There’s also an area where you can leave your message and/or art onto, leaving the mark of your visit to the event behind. 


The overall look of the event hall within the Gurney Paragon, shot from the 1st floor concourse. 


Culture Japan also had a small booth to themselves, selling tickets to CJC13 coming very soon.

Freeman-san also had a stage event complete with a message from Danny-san himself.


One of them stage events involves a couple of known (At least to the cosplay world) cosplayers from Taiwan, King x Mon, in FREE!’s Matsuoka Kou and Nanase Haruka’s school uniform attire! :3c


Being an ACG event, there are of course rotsa cosplayers gathering and messing around with their shenanigans XDc


Being at the peak of its popularity now, I’ve spotted a few Shingeki no Kyoujin cosplayers around the hall, including this Mini Mikasa. www




And on that very day, Otaku received a grim reminder that the Colossal Titan… remembered to attend this event…


Several of the local Dollfie Dream group brought their beloved along and gathered at a much secluded area of the mall on the 1st floor.

Too bad Tama-chan cannot join them due to my circumstances… >,<


Titan-kun wants some fun too! 


Kinda tiring day, and had sorta jinx where my Necomimi’s left motor stops functioning… All it does now is producing the whirling noise but not rotating at all… :/ Wonder if I can fix it myself since I believe the warranty’s already expired since I got it from AFA12 last year…

CFMini is a 2-day event, but I’m feeling kinda lazy to attend Day 2 so I’m skipping it in favour for some quality online gaming locked in my den. :P

With Culture Japan Convention only but a fortnight away, better starting to prepare for it now. ^_~


11 responses

  1. max

    that mask is good!!!

    4th August, 2013 at 10:31

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  3. thanks for posting this! XD too bad i missed this event~ D:

    4th August, 2013 at 11:32

  4. Sakura

    at least i knew what was happening at gurney paragon even though i didn’t go =D thanks for your blog post! ^^ can’t wait for culture japan con!

    4th August, 2013 at 15:04

  5. Wish I was there…

    4th August, 2013 at 16:02

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