Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Due to a friend’s (Of college years) wedding dinner falling on the same day, I was denied my chance to attend the Bon Odori event last year.

Not so this time around, as I’ve made sure I’m free this year to join the matsuri, alongside Tama-chan of course. :Dc


Last weekend, we’ve arrived at the site at an earlier time to avoid the incoming massive throng of curious visitors. Took Tama-chan for a little walk along the coast.

Yes. The Bon Odori Matsuri is held at Padang Kota aka Old Gurney Drive, a coastal area with ship and ferry docks nearby and just passed the Banking area.

After a satisfying view by the sea, enjoying the breezy salt water wind and all, Tama-chan and I headed towards the centre stage of the matsuri itself.^~^


Eventho the festival is not officially started yet, there are already many visitors gathering around the stage area to catch a glimpse at them performers preparing and rehearsing for when the actual event kick-starts.


A member of Konatsu, a local cosplayers group, invited me over to their “picnic” spot, a shaded canopy area prepared by the organisers of the matsuri for them performers.

Many members of Konatsu are actually a part of the dancing routine which will begin later the day on stage. 


Bringing Tama-chan around, I strolled around the site snapping various piccies of interests…

Tama-chan found a group of (genuine) Japanese rori-tachi and just had to take a shot with them. Oh you, naughty little foxy… :3c


This couple seems oddly familiar. Seaching memory banks…

Oh wait aren’t they the Mami and Charlotte I met the previous week? During the World Cosplay Summit Malaysia event at Straits Quay? =3= My suspicion proven true after I seek an affirmation from the said cosplayers… w


Members of Konatsu practising their odori sequences before the dance later…

Tama-chan joins in with her own graceful moves… XDc


Now back to the stage for more fun as Tama-chan dance along the performers on stage, attracting the attention of various visitors alike. www


Time went by as the setting sun ray pierced thru the site while everyone’s still on hi-tension with the stage performances still going on and will be until late of the night… :3c


Time to get myself some din din. After dropping off Tama-chan at the Konatsu’s, I headed towards the stalls situated near the stage area.

As with all your traditional Japanese events, there are game stalls like Kingyo Sukui and Yo-yo Tsuri, as well as Japanese food stalls like Yakisoba, Takoyaki, Ringo Ame, etc. Skipping those in favour of my stomach tho… ^o^;;;


As expected, the throng of crowd is enormous! Took me quite some time to get them foods and drinks I need before heading back to Tama-chan… ^^;

Too bad no bottles of Ramune Soda in sight this year, unlike my past trips on earlier years…


Coming back to the resting area to find Tama-chan having fun with a couple of her kind. ^~^

The boy and the girl belongs to a couple of fellow doll owners affiliated to Konatsu (I believe), whom kindly take a look after Tama-chan while I was away at the stalls earlier. I returned the flavour by doing the same while both of them going for the stalls later…


Tama-chan managed to find and kidnap a shot with a pink Alpaca amongst the belongings of them Konatsu’s… ^^;


And finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for… The Hanabi finale!

The whole fireworks display lasts for about 5+ minutes, however my trusty sidearm decides to auto-outta-focus halfway thru the recording, forcing me to cut out the affected blurry parts of the video… or2

Had to brave thru the post matsuri traffic jams everywhere, it wasn’t until about 30 minutes later before I reached my den to have a nice hot shower to wash off them sweaty body. >w<

Quite an exhausting but enjoyable night I must say.  Hopefully I can attend the next one in a year’s time!

4 responses

  1. Hnnng Tama-chan with the pink alpaca, she’s adorable (^з^)-☆

    26th July, 2013 at 21:31

    • Got other Alpaca colour variations too XDc

      30th July, 2013 at 13:39

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