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Summit of a Malaysian Cosplay World

Once again the World Cosplay Summit Malaysia was held at Straits Quay on my island, of which I took my precious hours to attend after a movie viewing that very same day.


Unlike the one on previous year, the 2013 event only runs from 1800 hours until 2100 hours and only on Saturday last weekend.

Only took a handful of them cosplayers into my lens tho, since their numbers are significantly fewer than the counts last year… You can really count them all with only both hands and feet… :3c

Dr. Robotnik aka Eggman and Sonic! They are part of the contestant for the event itself. That giant Tails nuigurumi prop is very well made!   


Another group of contestants. I think they are cosplaying characters from Sangoku Musou, I’m not really sure… ^_^ 


A few other random strays I found amongst the crowd. :P

Don’t think they are contestants tho… I maybe wrong…


Dat infamous scene upon request by yours truly…

I can hear gasps and awkward surprise remarks by several average citizens nearby not fully equipped with knowledge of this situation… XDc 


There are a few cosplayers I failed to capture as some of them aren’t fully ready yet (A couple were rehearsing for their skit later the day) and there’s a Strike Freedom Gundam who’ve stripped his armour upon finishing his on-stage skit which I don’t have the chance to take a shot…

Was surprised there are no Shingeki no Kyoujin (Attack on Titans) cosplayers around, given the rage and popularity of the said anime lately… Oh well…

Anyway, had to retreat after about 1.5 hours of the event due to exhaustion from viewing of them clashing between metals against bones and sinew some hours earlier…

Hope the winner of this prelim can stand up against other contestants from the region during AFA13… ^_~

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