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A Year in an Online Phantasy

It has been a full year + since my immersion into the online world of Phantasy Star Online 2, spending at least an hour daily to hone my skills and be one with my in-game avatar…

To learn more about this Free-2-Play Online Game, please click on the link above this sentence. w


In the mean time, in celebration of the 1st anniversary of the game, SEGA will soon release the Episode 2 update later this month, introducing many new contents: a new Dewman race, a new Braver class, a couple of new weapon categories and rotsa other stuffs.

Dkdk wkwk suru ne~! Of course us ARKS are totally excited over the new stuffs!

Ever since the arrival of my new rig, I’ve been tinkering with its settings to see which on will give PSO2 the best visuals overall while still maintaining good game play experience.

Screen resolution: 1360 x 768. Running at my default desktop resolution offers the smoothest game flow ever. However by forcing the ambient occlusion, it creates sort of blurriness around all objects, producing a dream-like state to the screen… ^^;


Screen resolution: 1600 x 900. Runs fine and similar to the previous resolution… Blurriness on objects are still there…


Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080. Game runs on a slightly noticeable slowdown that occurs sometimes but the blurriness is no longer an issue here! Everything look sharp and crisp here. Screenshot graphic porn at its best! ^_^


There’s a reason this MMO is being fan-named as the Waifu/Husbando Simulator Online 2 by various ARKS, with its some what advanced character creation system and what not. :P

New outfits are always introduced monthly, adding many layers of customisation for the fashion conscious. You could say putting the grinding for the perfect armament aside, dolling up your avatar is one of the more important aspect of your gaming experience.


Various accessory parts and costumes really bring about awesome customisation…

Here I tried on the looks of a Katayoku Akuma…


And a Chibi-winged Tenshi… XDc


Also tried to make my avatar closer to the image of Tama-chan, since one of the latest outfit kinda resembles her default outfit in Fate/Extra…

What’s left is a big bow/head-dress thingie… ^___^


The game play differs from other MMO of this era for obvious reason.

Instead of a huge, barren over-world where you and other MMOers going on roaming about for monsters and such, PSO2 divides each playing sessions into smaller quests based rooms, of which will further be divided into areas of three usually, allowing up 12 players to play together.

Confused? To put it simply: Compare the online game to an FPS (First Person Shooter) session, such as Counter-Strike.


You create a room (ARKS Quest, Free Field, Emergency Quest, etc.), which allows up to 12 players (Depends on the said quest, some allows a single party of 4 only) in the game at once.

4 of the players can form a small squad (Party) up to 3 (Or 12 1-player-parties or any other combinations) at most.

A map of 3 connected areas (Some are Single Party Areas, as you may have guessed, allows only a single party of 4 in it; Others are usually Multi Party Areas) will be loaded for all 12 players to play in.

Even if you and your friends are in different parties, you guys can still meet up in an MPA to play together as long as you join the same quest they are doing! :Dc


In one of the rarest of the rare special quest (My 2nd time ever since it’s introduction early this year… First one ended up a failure since my party is kinda under-equipped… orz), if the game’s greatest villain consider you worthy enough, you’ll be abducted right before your jump into your selected quest and crash-landed into their personal crimson territory where you’ll have to battle your life out from the area with no ability to restock whatsoever. :3c

At the end of the last area you’ll meet your own clone to boot! 


Elsewhere while idling from quests and client orders, I would usually mingle around with my Teammates and strangers alike in the lobby, shenanigans after shenanigans we did for the sake of picture perfectly wacky screenshots… XDc

I belonged to a Team called the “Blue Devils” before but had since transferred to another called “Celestial” after the former Team lead’s sudden “disappearance”. However with the new Episode 2 contents on the horizon, he has since resurfaced for a while…

Anyway as a Celestial being, our Team are strong with many ARKS getting together to do various quests and missions, organising virtual wedding and forming Team MPA sessions for Emergency Quests… XDc


Although Quna’s Stage Live tour have ended weeks ago, we can still play the instruments in MyRoom to a certain extend and reproduce her vocal performance. www

Thanks to my Teammates, we’ve managed to record a session during one of our After-EQ gatherings…

Very hilarious male backup vocal and outrageous handling of various instruments by us… XDc

Team Counter receptionist Rappy-chan bids a good day to you too… 


My in-game avatar ユナモン resides in Ship 2 Ur. Do find and add me if you’re in Ship 2 Ur too. :3c

また来たまえ~! ^_~

4 responses

  1. Haha make me want to buy new rig

    2nd July, 2013 at 14:33

  2. PSO2 GOTY. <3

    2nd July, 2013 at 15:45

  3. Naito

    PSO2 really is a great game and I enjoyed the lot out of it when my computer could still handle it. Sadly, the game eventually killed of the English patch and my CPU was no longer powerful enough to run the game.

    I agree on the Waifu maker. I can really spent a long time in the character creator just to get that perfect looking female character to play as ^^ Your character looks amazing, Yuna. So cute and adorable. Specially with the tail.
    Your guild looks like a fun place and the videos were fun to watch :) Please keep gracing my twitter feed with more PSO shenanigans :P

    3rd July, 2013 at 17:38

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