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Extra Ends of Another Fate

Two Moons have passed since the release of Fate/Extra CCC. I guess by now many of you must have already thoroughly enjoy the contents of this magnificent JRPG… 


The official site unveiled yet another update under the System category of the site, this time focusing on several of the chara not shown beforehand…

There are a total of 4 types of endings possible…

On your average run, you should be able to finish the game in a Normal Ending; Actively triggering flags talk to your selected Servant however will result in his/her individual Servant Ending (That makes 4 of them!); The title drop CCC Ending on the other hand can only be achieved on your second run; Then there’s the infamous Bad Ends, which are your definite Game Overs, if you’re not too careful with your choice of response to certain questions. www


I’m still on my 2nd run of the game using Saber, taking my sweet time through the progress…

You can see rotsa screenies I’ve grabbed along my play-through… ^_~


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