Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Gracing the event in her proto-form during the last WonFes some time earlier this Earth cycle, the scaled figure of the naughty foxy is finally available for pre-ordering~!


This will be my second scaled figure of my beloved Tama-chan, after a long while of absence of any kind of fixed-pose figures prior to that, aside from her earlier Miko incarnation of course.

The description as per her official site:

The foxy, ‘good wife’ delivered straight from Kenen Tomb!

From the PSP game ‘Fate/EXTRA CCC‘ comes a 1/8th scale figure of the self-proclaimed ‘good wife’ servant, Caster!

Her outfit has changed from the Japanese-style outfit from Fate/EXTRA into a gothic lolita outfit with a slight bondage appeal to it. The ribbon in her hair, the frills on her clothes and even her tail make use of transparent parts for an even cuter appearance! ♪

Don in her signature goth rori (with a mild taste of bondage) Reisou along with the cute little black hat of hers as seen in the newest entry to the RPG game.

From Tama-chan’s semi-transparent hair and fluffy shippo to the minuscule detailing on the ribbons and roses on her sleeve, Phat! has done it (GJ) again with this fine foxy sculpture.


Tama-chan is featured in yet another dynamic pose again on her single leg and like her previous incarnation, she may subject to leaning problem due to her top-heaviness. Probably safer to keep her in her plastic prison than displaying her outright without more supports… :T

Seems like Tama-chan suddenly bursting an upgrade while we’re not looking during the events of the newest PSP game…  


Elegant yet erotically naughty, Tama-chan is equipped with a Talisman Charm of hers, which is part of her Code Casting skills that renders an ENEMY stunned in sight of her beauty when certain conditions are met. ;3c


Truth to be told tho, her teeth baring beaming smile seems rather awkward to me, not to mention the superimposed twin big bangs of hers… 0w0


Acceptance of marriage proposals for her hands are now under way at various sites and will be finalised on November later this Earth cycle.

A lump sum of 8,800 yen will be “recruited” from your hard-earned Sakurament reserves tho. Blame them on Tohsaka Rin’s MPS (Money’s Power System) if you think she’s way outta your league. XDc

7 responses

  1. those look like melons….

    28th May, 2013 at 13:53

  2. Q

    Her chest sure takes up most of the attention lol. I do agree with you that the mouth looks a bit odd. Would look better if it’s similar to that on the other figure based on the first Fate/Extra game.

    29th May, 2013 at 17:42

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