Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

III-rd Party of Moe

A local ACG event was held during the last weekend, spanning across the 25th and 26th of May. ^_^ 

Dubbed the Moe-Party Cosplay Workshop III, it’s a small workshop event or something, at least according to my own pal for many years, Donny Choo-san!


Incidentally, it was he who had invited me over as I wasn’t aware of the event itself. The surprise when I was told of it dat time! 0_0

Anyway due to strict schedule I was only be able to attend Day 02 of the event, missing all the on-stage fun on Day 01…

I was early to the site itself as various organisers and participants were still readying their stuffs when I reached the place.

Donny-san (Guitarist) is part of the event along with his band, they’re to give some performances on stage for Day 02.


Donny-san’s band Rai Katana, consisting of 5 individuals all semi-otakus themselves.


Recorded a couple of videos on my pal’s performance during the opening of Day 02. Actually requested him to play Fuwa Fuwa Time before the opening…

It’s rather short since he doesn’t really know the tune. XDc 

And the actual performance itself. Too bad it was underwhelmed by equipment failures and bad sound system.

The vocal’s kinda mute and mostly drown within the loud instruments… orz 

There are several booths full of merchandise and displays scattered around the small hall that is the concourse on the 1st floor of Penang Times Square. :3c


Close-ups on them figures and stuffs on display… ^_^

Tho not much of a scaled figure collector myself, I’m taking great joy in capturing them in my lens, and has taken alikin’ at some of them, especially the 2P Colour ver. of Alice.


And of course there are a few dolls scattering around here and there… 

Saw a DD Lucy Maria Misora in her mahou shoujo outfit but the owner refused to let me take a picchu of her. :T Zannen…

Also met a fellow InnovaDDoushi, tho he too is lazy to bring his musume along the ride (So am I ^^;;;)…


There is another area dedicated to a maid café, manned by a trio of pink maid-waitresses and a butler. Due to no photography, not a single shot was taken that day. Seems overwhelmingly unpopular tho, as in my period of visiting only a couple of customers attended the café…

Elsewhere, Eroi Erio figure! And MonHun action figure too!


There are of course small numbers of cosplayers attended this event too, but I was too busy at them displays than seeking out them cosplayers for capturing, many of which are quite (above) average IMHO.

Took an early leave from the event as my schedule for the day was kinda limited…

Oh well it was quite an experience, eventho smaller in scale when compared to the likes of CF or AFA… Lookin’ forward to attend a couple of bigger ones in August, otanoshimi~!

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