Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Ever since the night before the Dragon Day, Tama-chan has barely been genki following the passing Moons, lying in a state of utmost inactivity lethargy.

Don’t be alarmed tho Tama-chan’s not in harm’s way, actually her Master was in the midst of readying her for several minor operations to further enhance her aesthetics. ^_~


For this grand project, many acquisitions were made from the passing Moons, most notably from Taobao (A Chinese equivalent of evilBay/Yahoo! Japan Auctions) by using a proxy service called My Parcel Store

Amongst the materials acquired are: Volks Shapely L Bust, Wersaze Wrist Joint, Wersaze Yawashiri, Cool Cat Fortified Aluminium Alloy Neck JointMiruya Wig and Moe-Castle’s Miko Outfit (Not shown here).

Some time after the Dragon Day, Tama-chan suffered a major break in her neck joint, causing awkward flimsiness as she had to resort to her default joint from Volks. Luckily, a local InnovaDDoushi have a spare neck joint he got from Cool Cat, which he gladly “donate” for Tama-chan’s recovery. XDc

Reparation is quite a straight-forward process and in no time Tama-chan’s neck is as good a new! Shown alongside the inner chest part here in the picchu is the Volks Shapely L Bust, which is going to be mounted atop the former.


Next up is the option wrist part by Wersaze. Unlike Volks default wrist joint, this third-party option part features a swivel point in the wrist-to-hand connecting piece.

The added rotation allows more dynamic posing when the said area is utilise. Part-swapping is a straight-forward matter as well for this one: you’ll just need to dislocate the hook part from your default wrist joint and attach it onto the 3rd party pieces.   


The upper body is now assembled!


Now for the cake… which is Wersaze’s other option part – the Yawashiri!

The white custom parts that came with the package act to support the overall shape of the abdomen part since it is made outta soft material, tho not as soft as the Red Cyclone bust Tama-chan have before… Again, parts swapping is needed to use this third-party option.


I also took the liberty of installing some magnets just above the shiri slit so I can attach Tama-chan’s fuwa fuwa shippo… 


Lower body fully assembled. :3c

Yes, the seam line on the Yawashiri is quite visible… ^^;


Now to showcase Tama-chan in her true glor—why the bubble censor? :3c

Click on the picchuu to see her without the censor! :P


Testing the overall articulations of the new parts…

BTW, Tama-chan is currently using Miruya‘s new wig…


Acquired this Miko outfit from Moe-Castle long before the concept of the upgrading even begin to conceive. Never had the chance to had Tama-chan trying it out… until now.

Looking very holy and sexy and the same time… ^o^ Those mini bells under her sleeves do ring!


Borrowing the Gerbera Straight (菊一文字) and Tiger Piece (虎徹) from the 1/60 Perfect Grade Gunpla – Gundam Astray Red Frame.

Altho not really in scale, they pretty much work for a Dollfie Dream. 


二刀流. Because dual wielding a couple of katana is much cooler than only a single one.


More close-ups with dem swords. I really love these couple of shots when compared to the others. www


巫女戦士タマちゃん: Operation Tama.

On her hands, them Beam Rifles look more like Beam Machine Pistols… and of course akimbo style for more shades of cool. www


While only a forearm’s length, the Tower Shield works quite well on Tama-chan too.





Will try to further improve Tama-chan, especially her hair style… www


10 responses

  1. Nice. But hopefully she doesn’t end up as a mecha musume. XP

    20th May, 2013 at 00:08

    • Can’t deny the “beast” of possibility… XDc

      20th May, 2013 at 06:14

  2. Do like the convenient censored image, it’s straightly exciting.

    20th May, 2013 at 05:51

  3. shinnstargazer

    Love the last couple of images. Looking forward to the aforementioned ‘beast’ of possibility~! XD

    20th May, 2013 at 07:34

    • Not that I’m gonna turn Tama-chan into a mecha musume any time soon…

      But that’s a… possibility…? XDc

      20th May, 2013 at 08:23

  4. Thanks for the tips!!!

    21st May, 2013 at 17:38

  5. Oh wow, that’s a lot of upgrades you got for Tama-chan ^^

    27th May, 2013 at 12:59

    • More will come. Unlimited Upgrade Works.

      27th May, 2013 at 16:26

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