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Tease of a Mini Fiesta

“It’s… it’s not like I want to bring awesome ACG goodness to Penang!” – Mi, CF Mini mascot & tsundere extraordinaire.


Comic Fiesta is one of the largest anime convention in my country, and has run for about a decade now, of which I’ve managed to not attend any of them before… ^^;

Nevertheless I am preparing to attend one end of this year, after AFA of course. :3c

While it maybe mini in size, it’s a great news for us Northlanders that CF is coming to our region!

From the Word of God(s), things about Comic Fiesta Mini you should know.

1. Yes, there’ll still be Comic Fiesta 2013 in December. In KL.

2. The mascot for CF Mini is Mi. (we’d have named her Milo, after Coffy and Tea, but we’d be, like, sued) She is a grumpy tsundere little girl.

3. The space is approximately 1/2 the size of a KLCC hall. Mini, but hopefully big enough for our fans there.

4. Most of the Comic Fiesta goodness will be there.

5. You’ll be paying nothing to enter. Yes it’s free. Free!

6. You’ll want to be at Gurney Paragon (Where CJNoon once held!) on August 3-4.

7. You should tell all your friends about it. All of them.


It’s gonna be a busy month for me, since both CFMini and CJCon (Only a fortnight apart from one another) will be on my island I can’t really afford to pass them off this time…

See you all there, comrades!


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