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More Characters of an Extra Fate

It’s been more than a Moon since the release of Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG sequel, Fate/Extra CCC

Besides the Twitter campaign, the official site has been quite quiet during the passing week.


By now even the least enthusiastic fan (Yours truly –> ^^;) must have already finished the game at least once or mayhap some where half way in the progress…

Nevertheless, the official site unveiled yet a couple of special PVs, this time focusing on several of the chara not shown beforehand…

The Green Archer is back! Nicknamed Midocha (Green ArCher aka Green Tea), he is here to cause more trouble to your chara! www

Also making a return to feast your eyes are the rori Twins from the first game!

And the new Master-Servant pair the boin boin nun Sesshouin Kiara and her somewhat useless Caster (Hans Christian) Anderson.

They are of tremendous help to you in your quest to escape the Darker Side of the Moon!

She’s quite ecchi BTW… XDc

I’m now on my 2nd run of the game using Saber this time to focus on CCC route, but will be taking my time…

You can see rotsa screenies I’ve taken along my way… ^_~

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