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Misadventure of a Phantastic Chogokin

Perhaps one of the worst delivery delay ever happened to me, my long streak of Otaku Jinx never fail to disappoint me with its frequent appearance ever since many Moons ago… D:

Originally suppose to arrive safely onto my eager hands more than two Moon ago, the forwarding company messed up my package with another of its customer’s, causing a mixed up of delivery: instead of my Chogokin RAcaseal Black ver., I got something else altogether instead!


A brief count on the incident: Pre-ordered some time before AFA12 last Earth cycle at Tamashii Web Store, it doesn’t occur to me that Bandai Premium might refuse my credit card (which it did, as the site doesn’t accept non-Japanese issued CCs) when it was ready to ship!

Panicked and the only alternate paying method being Cash-on-Delivery and Combini (Outta question), I had to search for a deputy/proxy service other than my usual Tenso that offers to pay in my stead using COD, that’s when I found Japan to Door. Never really tried their service before (Eventho I have an account there since forever), I’ve decided to try it out since I’m outta options (And kinda recommended by Danny-san back in 2009 too).

This is when the nightmare started.

Filling in the form to inform them of the incoming package (Which doesn’t occur in another Moon, during that time), I’ve posted various questions to their email and on-site question forms several times reaching the two digits. Unfortunately none of them were replied, and this goes on for the next few weeks until the shipping date. This is when I started to get anxious.

A week or so after the actual release of the Chogokin, I was about to give up (Since I haven’t pay in full, yet) when finally received a notification from JtD that they have received my package and will send it to me. Being a good consumer that I am, I’ve immediately paid the balance and had them ship the package, which reached my den in another week or so. All ends well right? Nope.

Upon unboxing, I found out that the contents are not as expected: I got several CDs and hand-shake coupons of AKB48!!! D: I’m not even a fan of them! orz Alerted to the mistake, I tried to once again to contact them via email, on-site forms and even facebook asking for return arrangements but again I am ignored. Frustrated with the development, I immediately lodged a dispute with Paypal (Since I paid JtD via the service), which withheld my payment to them. In no more than two nights after the claim, they finally contacted me to arrange for the return of the wronged goods. Less than another Moon later, Chogokin RAcaseal Black ver. finally showed up in my den after another Postal Dudes shenanigan…

Altho JtD beared the cost of the return shipping fees and refunded it to my account, I have since withdrawn all my deposits from their site. For all the troubles caused I will not return to them any time in the future.

Anyway enough with them negatives, here’s some obligatory shots of the overall package/box art. ^_~


Compare to the regular pink RAcaseal box, the limited package is much thicker and larger.


While her accessories are fewer than the regular RAcaseal, Chogokin RAcaseal Black ver. (Kuro-chan from now on) does come with a katana named Agito, twin H&S25 Justice, Madame no Amakasa (Opened and closed), Shato Mag, Shino head, a display stand, 3 Section ID chips, chat bubble with its own stand and some seal stickers.

The latter four are actually the same ones from the regular RAcaseal, so I’ve omit them from my picchus.

Here be Kuro-chan with her Agito, the legendary and the rarest weapon (there are several fakes in the game too LOL) known to the classic Phantasy Star Online fans all over.


She looks really good posing with the Agito that I took more than a fair share of her with it than with other accessories! ^^;

Some of her poses are based upon Cyborg Ninja and Raiden from Metal Gear Solid/Rising series


牙突一式 (Saito Hajime’s sword technique from Rurouni Kenshin)、悪!即!斬!


Kuro-chan comes with her support device Shato, which is shaped like a cross between neko/kitsune without hind legs, and is one of the primary reason I’m so much interested in getting this limited Chogokin… XDc

Shato-kun have a couple of ball joints on his neck and tail, allowing some degree of movement there.


My first impression upon seeing the opened and closed form of the Madame no Amakasa (A Sword weapon from the game) is that it is really, really huge. No wonder the box is thicker.

It is especially the case for the opened one, you can’t really have Kuro-chan holding it without the support of the stand as it is too top-heavy…


The package includes an alternate head for Kuro-chan to turn her into Shino, another NPC in the classic online game.

Shino’s head sports a fine mecha ponytail with a couple of ball joints for a certain range of articulation.


Did you noticed in a couple of the previous shots that I’ve swapped Shino’s faceplate onto the RAcaseal maid head? www

Yes you can do face swap via a very familiar system use by many figures, most notably the Figma series of action figures.


Arming Kuro-chan with her twin H&S25 Justice, making her a GUnner in Phantasy Star Online 2. www

Because one gun is just (No pun intended) not enough! XDc


Uiharu Skirt Flip 0w0 「キャァァァァ―――――!!!」

Shato-chan is not amused…


Comparison shots with her original base, the regular RAcaseal, pink RAcaseal if you will. Aside from being in black colour scheme (Duh!) over all, she is basically identical to her sister unit.

These poses are copied from Baby Sweet Berry Love, the ED of the latest chou-moe anime series Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. ^_~


A standard CLAMP styled pseudo yuri docking pose…

Imitating Maru x Moro of xxxHolic…


「私はあなた…」 ala Chobits.


A few action shots with both RAcaseals.


An exchange of Weapon Palette between the RAcaseals. The original RAcaseal looks really good as a GUnner while Kuro-chan as a FIghter dual wielding a Beam Sabre and her trusted Agito!


Did I mentioned that the Madame no Amakasa is really, really huge?

Last shots of both RAcaseals posing together on the display base along with the Item Box.


Overall, eventho made twice its original price due to hefty fees from JtD’s proxy service, Kuro-chan is definitely worth all my hard-earned Meseta… ^_^

Still waiting for a Chogokin Lisa/Risa from Phantasy Star Online 2… w


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