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Extra Merchandise of Another Fate

After a full Moon since the release of Fate/Extra CCC, I’ve finally completed and obtained Tama-chan’s Servant Ending! www


While preparing to start the game anew with New Game + using another Servant (I’ve decided on Aka Saber! www), I’ve unwittingly knowingly scoured the vast space known as the internet and found several related merchandise now in pre-order stage.

Unfortunately, it seems these merchandise are limited and exclusive to Dengekiya Online Shop, and they don’t ship outside Japan… ^^; You’ll have to rely on proxy service to get them…

1st in line is the Valide Bag G @ 2,940 yen. It comes with two types of belt straps to allow you to turn it into a waist pouch or a sling bag.

It also features exchangeable covers which are sold separately.


There are 4 types of Valide Bag Covers available: Saber, Caster, BB x Saber and Rin x Rani.

Each sold separately @ 1,260 yen. ^_~


The other merchandise is the Mobile Floater @ 2,415 yen, essentially a photo frame thingie with an extruding block in front of the frame to hold onto your hand phone… ^_~

The package includes 5 different chara photo cards (Saber, Caster, BB, Rin, Rani) for you to change for when you get bored with one… XDc


If the first package not to your taste, you can add more Mobafuro Photo Cards with these optional packs.

The Servant pack as it title suggests, has chara arts of various Servants in the game, including Saber, Caster, Archer, Gilgamesh, Gawain, Idol@ncer and Karuna. This pack will cost 735 yen. ^o^


The Sakura pack has 2 types of BB, Sakura, Meltlilith and Passionlip @ 525 yen.


Then there’s this Panel Screen Charm @ 2,940 yen, a locket thingie with engraved image in the likes of Saber on it. ^^;

It comes with 4 different chara photo cards of Saber, which you can insert into the frame, 2 at a time.


Alternatively, you can get the Chibi Chara version instead!

Comes with 4 different chibi chara photo cards including Saber, Caster, Archer and Gilgamesh. Notice they are the same chibi arts from the stickers included with Virgin White  Box…


PasuCha Photo Card is sold separately @ 263 yen, which include a majority of the chara ever featured in the game (Saber, Caster, Archer, Gilgamesh, Sakura, Passionlip, BB, Meltlilith, Rin, Idol@ncer, Jinako, Karuna, Leo, Gawain, Julius, Gato, Rani, Shinji, Taiga, Kotomine)…


Curiously, Sesshouin Kiara (Only realised she was voiced by none other than Lacus/Hinagiku ~ Tanaka Rie after the credits roll!) is no where to be found… 0w0

I think I’ll pick up the Valide Bag G and the Caster Valide Bag Cover… As well as the Panel Screen Charm (Chibi Chara) and PasuCha Photo Card… Good thing Dengekiya accepts my CC even though it is not Japanese in origin… wwww

All items will be released on 27th of June… The pre-order for these items will end in, curiously, a trio of  days on the 29th this Moon (This coming Monday JST time)… I wonder if that’s a typo and they meant May instead? Oh well, better make up your mind and move fast soon! www


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