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Twitter Campaign of an Extra Fate

Ever since the release of Type-Moon’s Fate/Extra CCC and suffered from the late delivery as well as the eventual arrival of the Virgin White Box, I’ve engaged in the JRPG on and off for the past few weeks.


Currently there’s a campaign/contest running on the official site of the game itself, which I forgot to mention for the past few weeks due to my dedication towards completing the game ^^;

The Twitter After-Thoughts Campaign, of which you’ll post tweets of your thoughts on the game itself, runs from the 28th of March until the 10th of May.

18 lucky tweets, which will be selected randomly it seems, will each receive a signature from the casts of Fate/Extra CCC! The prized signatures will be distributed randomly so you won’t be able to choose which seiyuu’s signature you want… orz


Dat cutesy usagi signature of Jinako. wwww

To qualify for the campaign/contest, you’ll of course need a legit Twitter account and follow their official Twitter account @FateCCCPR. All your related tweets must be hash-tagged with #CCC感想. You may noticed many of my tweets for the past weeks hash tagged with such. www

Winners will be contacted via Direct Message to their Twitter account on the 31st of May.

Good luck everyone! Hope I can get Tama-chan’s! :3c


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