Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


I am the Knightess of my Pink Republic
Animanga is my passion, figure is my raison d’être

I have created over a thousand excuses
Not to get a Dollfie, yet to no avail

Have withstood pain to cancel many pre-orders
Yet those sacrifices will never help much

So as I plan, Unlimited Instalment Works!


Conceived roughly a trio of Earth cycles ago, it wasn’t after several passing seasons later before the actual summoning is complete.

Tama-chan have since progress through several self evolutionary upgrades, with various version-ups been installed onto the lovely Servant of mine. X3c…

Being her virgin voyage, she had nothing with her in her journey to my side…


When she first set her feet into this realm, Tama-chan sports a rather fluffy shippo and kitsunemimi, along with a pale pinkish hair.

Luckily I’ve already prepared her default Reisou beforehand, which have since reached my den some time after her arrival. www


She also had an augmentation installed to improve her arms some time later, allowing her greater movement around her elbow joints!


As the days passed by, by the time Tama-chan celebrating her first Christmas she had acquired a rather beautiful and healthy deep pink silky smooth hair!


While I was not looking, it seemed that Tama-chan has grown splendidly over the moons.

She originally sported an M size bust but is now a boin boin L bust. :3c


Eventually, Tama-chan improved her eye sight after some comrades’ opinion on her looking too scary before.

Them metallic eyes from Ersa Flora really does the trick, I too felt that she looked better after the retinal upgrade…


Or so I thought. ^^;

She seems rather yandere-ish here D:


Along the seasons, Tama-chan sheds her old self and acquired a rather lovely yellow-orangey fur coating true to her foxy image.

Tama-chan now getting closer to her original image than before! Such evolution!


She too somehow seem more puni puni and naughtier than before. 0w0

Yes, Tama-chan now own a Yawa soft bust from Red Cyclone!


It has been a while since Tama-chan’s last activity. Well it is because she’s preparing for another major operation to further improve her aesthetics. :3c

Tama-chan won’t stop evolving until she’s perfect for her Goshujin-sama! www


2 responses

  1. You’re such a loving Master, I could feel it from shots of Tama-chan :D

    You’re one of my motivation on adopting a daughter, since I always love your shots with Tama-chan on it. (Personally I considered an installment of a certain Artificial Enemy of the Mekaku City as my daughter, but I still need to save.)

    14th April, 2013 at 20:17

    • There’s no need to rush.

      Work what you can, save what you will, eventually you’ll succeed!

      Unlimited instalment Works! wwww

      14th April, 2013 at 21:01

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