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An Extra Serving of Another Fate

After a series of delays, as well as the chou mukatsuku late delivery by the Postal Dude, I’ve finally acquired the long-awaited Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG, Fate/Extra CCC


The limited edition package of the game itself comes with the Virgin White Box and a pre-order extra: a B5 sized Virgin Bride artbook/magazine.

Like its predecessor, the Virgin White Box holds many goodies within its hull. Overall view of the outer shell reveals a nice illustration of the selectable Servants.

Dat sexy Saber and alluring Caster! Archer is fine too but get outta here Gil! :P


Moving on, here’s a look at the UMD box of the game itself.

The limited first release edition stickers of chibi Servants are included within the box, along with the game UMD and a thick manual.

There’s also a single leaflet advertising the upcoming CCC Perfect Guide as well as the previously released Fate/Stay Night Realta Nua for PSVita. ^_~


The other included first release omake is this artbook-cum-chara-song-single-CD.

A semi nekkid Sakura sits seductively upon the cover of this artbook full of lovely illustrations of various in-game chara. Many of them make their appearance (Including BB, Rin, Rani, Idol@ncer and others) in the artbook, all except Tama-chan… :/

The CD features chara song performed by the seiyuu of Saber Nero (In this case, Saber Bride), Tange Sakura-san herself! XDc Such coincidence (Or is it in purpose?) that the whole game is themed around the term “Sakura”, including the name of the seiyuu… XDc


The pre-order omake artbook/magazine feels rather thin in volume, but full of lovely illus of fan fave Servants Nero and Tama-chan, as well as the rising star Idol@ncer! XDc

There are various info and articles on how to spice up your (Their) married life. wwwwww

I approve of Tama-chan’s Yes-No Pillow and LOL’d @ Idol@ncer’s Iron Maiden… ^o^


Hanaji fountain @ bikini dysfunction’d Tama-chan.


And now to the pearl of the package, Figma Saber Bride herself!

Unlike the Figma Saber Nero in Type-Moon Box of Fate/Extra, Figma Saber Bride comes package in a plain white box by herself… For extra protection I assume.


Ditching her usual crimson royal robe, nero now dons in her pure white some what holy yet punk-ish wedding dress.

Her dress is full of zips and locks. I’m not really sure what to make out of this suggestive BDSM theme… ^^;


I’ve noticed the misaligned belt part on the Figma. Even with the versatile Figma joints, the articulation around the skirt part is rather tight and limited.

I’ve yet to successfully align the belt in proper order in fear of breaking any of them parts. ^^; Will research when I got the time in the future.


Such details on the flowery patterns on her head-dress and skirt. Love the semi-opaque-ness on the decorations to bits.

Being an exhibitionist that she is, Nero bares her oshiri again thru the bold design of her bridal dress…


Instead of the fiery crimson Aestus Estus, it is now moulded in white with golden motifs on its body.

She comes with an alternate faceplate and hairpiece, which is all there is for her accessories. Standard Figma Stand and zip-lock bag included as always.


Now let’s have a look at the contents of the UMD itself. ^_~

A note of advise, starting from here will contain major spoilers of the actual game itself. Please refrain from reading further of this entry if you wanna experience the game play on your own account… :3c

Although it’s only been a few days since its release, I’ve managed to make much progress on the game (Currently amidst Chapter 2) due to my previous knowledge of how the RPG works. ^~^


BTW if you happened to own a save file from the previous game, you’ll be able to unlock some extras for this game like the taisou fuku costume for your chara by loading the previous save when you start the game.

Pretty much similar to its previous incarnation, right from the start you can choose your gender and input your name and nickname ala the usual MMORPG mechanics.

Four selectable Servants! Guess my pick? wwwww

Anyway, difficulty levels aside, selecting each Servant also pose an interesting and different play style unique to his/her own, just like the previous game.


Saber is the most balanced of the bunch with emphasis on straightforward attacks; Archer relies heavily on his technical skills; Caster, well, casting magic but is really weak in her physical attacks; The new comer Gilgamesh is apparently a cheat though, decimating his enemies with unlimited supplies of weaponry… ^^;

The brief prologue starts you off in the modern setting of Tsukumihara Academy. Even with your prior experience with the earlier game, CCC deviates almost immediately after you entered the Academy grounds.

It seems the preliminary round of the Holy Grail War is still in progress, but you’re introduced to a wide array of familiar and new characters (Not) shown on the earlier game including the “Elite NEET” Jinako and the ero boin boin nun and self proclaimed Fujimura Taiga, Sesshouin Kiara. You’ll meet familiar faces such as Leo, Rani and Shinji too!


Soon everything will come to an end. The prelim round ends prematurely and abruptly, with sudden materialization of Dark Noise (Looks suspiciously like Dark Sakura’s tentacle thingies from Heaven’s Feel) consuming all (Masters, Servants and NPCs alike) that is left in this realm.

Through instinct (And plot armour nonetheless XDc), your chara will perform a leap of faith unto nothingness as everything around her (Him if you choose a male MC www) dissolved into pure data.

Note how the FeMC can jump in the above screenshot. Yes, you can now hop by pressing the “X” button, which is not available in the older game. wwww There’s no tactical use of the function tho since it seems to be just an aesthetic add-on. orz


Tama-chan ktkr!!! After some time you’ll end up in the other side of the Moon (Cell), in a retro setting of the Tsukumihara Academy. You’ll discover you are not the only surviving Master that drifted into this part of the Moon Cell, as you’ll meet many of the chara you’ve met earlier in the prologue.

The survivors with Leo at helm, quickly formed the Student Council in order to find a way off this part of the Moon Cell and return to the Holy Grail War. It appears along with you and your Servant (Tama-chan!), all the survivors have no memories of their time during the Holy Grail War, aside from themselves, the ones they know and their Servants. Many Masters also lost their Servants too.


Soon the Council decides to check out the mysterious Arena under the Sakura tree which may be their ticket outta the place, but soon faced an obstacle in their way: a self-proclaimed Queen of the Moon, Tohsaka Rin. Mark that date and place your pre-order now!

Together with her new Servant the Idol@ncer, Rin placed several protective Shield around the Arena that hinders the progress of our FeMC. In order to break the firewall, Sesshouin installed a special program into you (Poor Sakura in shock at the event XDc) that will extract Rin’s inner desires called the Secret Garden, keys in unlocking the pesky Shields.

After several verbal and physical fights with Rin and her Servant, our FeMC finally drop the prideful “Queen” that is Tohsaka Rin to her knees, by using the unlocked SG against her in Punishment Time (Basically, yell and argue with her). wwww


The whole game play feels like Persona 4 to me up until now, especially the way the plot handles psychological Shadows, helping the chara overcoming her desires and such. Clearing floor in Sakura Maze feels heavily like the Tartarus in Persona 3 too.

Apparently our lovely foxy Servant has a Secret Garden or two as well! 0w0 Can’t wait to strip her bare of her flowers… XDc

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning as it seems Rin is just a pawn and experimental sample of the Sentinel system, as the true boss of the Arena aka Sakura Maze is none other than BB, a high level AI with the same physical interface as Matou Sakura!


This is where the Persona 4 vibes grow even stronger as BB starts to call in a make shift studio and program called BB Channel, explaining all her evil antics as would a classic villain will do… =3=

She even introduced our FeMC’s next target: Rani = VIII! The game grows more exciting with every minute I spend! ^o^

I’ll stop the spoilers here for now… XDc If you haven’t got the game yet I strongly suggest you do so. It’s a wonderful game not like any other especially if you’re a Nasuverse fan.


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  8. Wow now youre gonna make me buy this game even though I cant read Japanese lol

    14th February, 2016 at 08:23

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