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Raeg of the Postal Woes

It may be the Day of the Fourth Moon’s Aho today, but this is not a matter of Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted


In fact, this has really gone too far, my local Postal Dude! ‎(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ ┻━┻

The incompetence of PosLaju (essentially SpeedPost) is no stranger to all my fellow comrades on my island (And country), with cases like mishandling of packages, missing shipments and slight delays in deliveries are a norm.

As you can see from the lists of tracking above and below, my trio of March loot should have reached me last week, but the several days of supposed “Unable to deliver the item due to addressee requested later delivery” killed my anticipation.


Note the term “Unable to deliver the item due to addressee requested later delivery”; It usually meant that the Postal Dude paid a visit to the place but the resident(s) refused acceptance of the said shipment(s)…

Unfortunately this is not the truth in my case… I stood by ready at my den during a couple of the delivery dates (The rest of the undelivered days, my family members said no Postal Dude ever paying any visit) and no sign of the Postal Dude showing up at all during the period!!!

Best (Worst!) of all, this has happened many times before (Though not as delayed as much as this time around, usually only a day late) when the Postal Dude deliberately marked “Unable to deliver the item due to addressee requested later delivery” when they failed to deliver it on time!!!

Last time when I demanded explanation at their office, apparently the term “Unable to deliver the item due to addressee requested later delivery” also applies when the Postal Dude is unable to make the delivery on the said day (Due to too much deliveries or something).


What were the Postal Dude doing? Taking my package and ride around town sipping coffee then going back to office and call the day off!? Repeat several days!?

Out of total disappointment, I’ve personally went to the office to request pick-up a couple of days ago but they assure me they’ll deliver it that day. I’m a forgiving person at heart so I gave them another chance, a chance they chose to shatter. Imagine my raeging weekend… orz

Finally went to retrieve all the postponed loot in one shot this morning in the end, no longer trusting the lazy Postal Dude’s “promise”. PosLaju should have rename themselves to PosTakSampaiLangsung (PostNeverReachDestination) from now on!


5 responses

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  2. Maybe your island only. or maybe your family trying to stop you from your hobby. XP

    I always have mine sent to my office.

    3rd April, 2013 at 10:04

    • I suspect the assigned Postal Dude is at fault here.

      3rd April, 2013 at 11:41

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