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Skirmish of an Extra Fate

T-minus two days left until the eventual release of one of the most anticipated Type-Moon’s PSP JRPG of all time, Fate/Extra CCC


Yet another aspect of the game itself has been revealed under the System page of the official site…

Showcasing the battle aspect of the game itself, centring upon the like of our Saber Bride versus an ENEMIES, it’s basically the same familiar rock x paper x scissors commands of the original.

There’s also a certain “Sakurament” point accumulation during the end battle result screen… Must be something about the Sakura Maze?

Also noted there’s a new Auto button for those prefer to watch rather than inputting them commands… ^^;

Elsewhere, I’ve received a shipping notification from my supplier, my Fate/Extra CCC should arrive in my hands in 4 days! www

2 responses

  1. Great. Mine should come early may. Any news for new figma caster?

    26th March, 2013 at 20:22

    • Unfortunately, no… >,<

      26th March, 2013 at 21:55

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