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Day of Gratitude

Today is the 9th of the 3rd Moon, also known as 39 Day aka Miku Day! wwwww

For the uninitiated, learn more about the Day of Hatsune Miku over here.


In celebration of this wonderful occasion of Vocaloid appreciation, let’s have a short look at the recently arrived Figma Miku variation… XDc

Figma Racing Miku 2012 Version is part of the personal sponsorship package for Good Smile Racing, available only on NicoNico Chokuhan from the 29th July 2012 (Sun) at 10:00 JST until the 11th September 2012 (Tues) at 20:00 JST last year.


The package itself consist of several items, including a 2012 Personal Sponsor Card and 2012 Ticket Holder (Of which I’ve received as soon as I placed my order with GSC!), an original large format sticker (For some reason I got this one as well. It wasn’t supposed to be included with my 7,000 yen Course…) and a cutesy rubber strap featuring a chibi version of Racing Miku 2012.


And of course the main attraction of the package: Figma Racing Miku (2012 ver,) herself!

Got her for about half a Moon now but only managed to capture some picchus now to celebrate the occasion due to constant RL stuffs…


Really love her futuristic yet magical design.


Her eyes are so full of energetic kira-kira-ness~! wwwww


Being a Race Queen, of course Racing Miku can’t part with an umbrella.


Other accessories include the flag…


…and a bottle of champagne with spraying effect part to celebrate victories on the racing circuit. =w=


I lack a true racing vehicle, so Miku will hafta borrow Mirai’s for the time being… >w<


4 responses

  1. san-kyu XD

    9th March, 2013 at 18:54

  2. nice miku! humanoid miku!!!!

    10th March, 2013 at 12:42

  3. Nice she looks so cute with that outfit.
    I like how you have the other goodies!
    me likes!

    13th March, 2013 at 13:03

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