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A Wonderful Hobby Preview of the Winter

Falls on the same day, Day 1 of the Lunar New Year also marks the day when major and amateur figure creators from all over Japan gathered  in one large specialised event to show cast all their latest and upcoming releases…


The 17th annual Wonderful Hobby Life For You!! aka the Wonder Festival 2012 Winter bares its fangs poisoning would-be collectors and comrades alike!

Not surprisingly, as the main organiser of the event itself, Good Smile Company takes up the centre stage with its heaps of future projects, many which have caught the eyes x attention of Goshujin-sama…

This horny chibi excess meat is from the anime series this season, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha… 

She’s got quite a pair of nikuman there eventho she’s a Nendoroid… ^^;


One of Goshujin-sama’s fave chara in the mecha musume anime Infinite Stratos (IS), Cecilia Alcott has a rather cutesy expression and pose eventho in this somewhat restrictive Nendoroid form.


Goth rori vampiress Hasegawa “Reisys VI Felicity Sumeragi” Kobato of Boku ha Tomodachi ga Suku Nai (Haganai) also makes her appearance in Nendoroid form! :3c


Goshujin-sama was quite surprised to learn that Nendoroid versions of the Galactic Fairy and Super Dimensional Cinderella are in the works too! Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee will make their appearance in this kawaii chibi form in the near future.

Tama-chan pretty sure Goshujin-sama will grab the latter without hesitation… orz


Moving onto the scaled figures department, this Okita Sawa from Tari Tari looks rather fluffy.

Altho tempting, it seems Goshujin-sama has no longer plan to collect any form of scaled figures (With a few exceptions)…


It seems that all Fate series charas are getting more and more popular…

This rori Jack the Ripper from the light novel Fate/Apocrypha gets a scaled figure treatment of her own self…


And finally the Holy Grail of the event: Caster Extra CCC of the upcoming the upcoming PSP JRPG game Fate/Extra CCC.

This is the exception Tama-chan mentioned, as Tama-chan is confident that Goshujin-sama will definitely welcome this foxy goth rori bondage into our den… wwwww

She has a rather… bursting… chest, tho… ^^; 


There are of course more figures from GSC and other makers as well, such as Revoltech Naked Snake (Metal Gear Series), Figma Kinomoto Sakura 1st OP ver. (Cardcaptor Sakura) and others, but the main focus’s still really on GSC every time…

Tama-chan wishes all comrades a prosperous year ahead, you’ll definitely need the fortune for them wallet-busting figure releases… XDc


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