Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Thanks to the smooth negotiations between Volks and a fellow InnovaDDoushi, the submission for the Worldwide Dollfie Dream® Photobook is now underway…

The collection will basically feature over a hundred beautiful Dollfie Dream picchus of various InnovaDDoushi from all parts of the globe, fully endorsed by the doll maker giant Volks themselves! ^~^

Submission period starts from 3rd of February (Which is today!) until the 31st of May.

For the uninitiated only picchus of your Dollfie Dreams are allowed, not other types of BJDs.


Only one musume of each household (For those with many sisters… XDc) can enter the audition…

You can give as many picchus as you see fit (min. 6 pcs)… wwwwww


Outdoor picchus of musume preferably scenery from where you’re from.

For more T&C;R&R (Terms and Conditions; Rules and Regulations) please visit Tatsuya World for more info.


It seems Goshujin-sama have already submitted some of Tama-chan’s lovely picchus for the photobook.


Hopefully Tama-chan will get a spot since the space is limited for each region and country… ^_~

Please spread the word to your fellow InnovaDDoushi!

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