Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


I don’t usually celebrate my Coming-to-Earth Day…

But when I do it’s not my plan at all since I always forgot about the day itself every year!


Ooooh~! Tadaima, Tama-chan!

「お風呂にする?ご飯にする?それとも…… あ・た・し?」 =w=

Jaaaa, I’ll choose…

「なんちゃって!」 :P

Eeerrrmmm…. ^^;

「ツンデレサービス!」 *コホン~!*

「It-It’s not that I-I want to celebrate your birthday or anything… 」 /tsuntsun

「I-I did not deliberately prepare this present at all!」


「Here! Take this ロリ ✕ ケーキ while you’re at it… 」

Yeah… Piece of cake… orz

Doesn’t seem like I’ll get a bite tho… >,<


One response

  1. Happy Birthday lol =^_^=

    2nd February, 2013 at 13:49

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