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Eve of Eve

A couple of nights before the end of the old year, in celebration of surviving the Mayan Apocalypse, once again I along with local InnovaDDoushi gathered at Coob Coffee Club for a small Doll Meet to allow our musume a breather after a long year of work… ^_~

I was somewhat late for the meetup time, but the rest of the group were not there when I reached the destination… ^o^;;;

Good thing a couple of them arrived not long after, and we had a long talk of various topics and lunch too while waiting for the rest to show up…

And then after, it’s show time! :3c

The attending musume-tachi: Alter, Sakuya, Sakura and Lily.

The ever tsun tsun Seraphim…

Oh wait what are those yellow thingies on her shoulders?

That lecherous old geezer… :/ ohyou.jpg

Next on the list: Tama-chan and another Alter! :3c

Tama-chan sports her new Kimono procured from Taobao, a really nice piece of garment I must say. Unfortunately this is my first time putting on a Kimono so before you say anything about Tama-chan wearing them wrongly, I know I’ve failed to follow proper procedure in doing so.

However, thanks to an InnovaDDoushi of the group who have some experience on the outfit told me of my errors, I now have the basic knowledge on how to put on the Kimono in the future…

Late “Genius” is late…

Seems like our resident baka Cirno decided to join the rest of the musume on the table… XDc

Omake: “Professionals” at work… :3c

Oh and happy new year!


5 responses

  1. Happy New year!

    31st December, 2012 at 12:35

  2. NaitoNii

    `Tama-chan looks divine in that Kimono. A bit teasing with that much cleavage, but what would one expect from a Kitsune

    1st January, 2013 at 07:30

    • Still the wrong way to dress a Kimono tho… ^w^;

      1st January, 2013 at 07:32

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