Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


It’s that time of the year again, the magical period when innocent and pure children awaits their promised presents from the man in red.

Altho the actual day itself falls on the day after tomorrow, it is the Eve (which is… today!) that everyone’s excited about with feast-ful gatherings, family reunions, lovers intimacy and such… XDc

A small fact: today is also unofficially known as KFC Day to the Japanese as a majority of them will opt to Zerg-rush their nearby outlets for bucketful of finger lickin’ fried chickens (Turkeys are too expensive to afford there, same situation where I live… ^_~).

My household foxies also celebrates X’mas here in my den! XDc

This will be Kotama-chan‘s 1st holiday, but it’s already Tama-chan’s 2nd X’mas

Tama-chan, Chibi-chan and Kotama-chan seems to get along just fine! Now if only Max Factory releases a Figma Caster Extra to add into my family of kitsune… XDc

MeriKuri everyone! :3c

On another note, I’ve upgraded Kotama-chan’s original Pure Neemo body into the more versatile Obitsu 27cm L soft bust body. Obitsu bodies allow superb poseability unlike the severely restrictive PN…

That’s my Christmas present to Kotama-chan. XDc

In their original state, the platform geta have trouble staying onto the Pure Neemo feet, with them often slipped and fell outta their intended spot. To counter these problems on the Obitsu feet, magnets were glued onto geta to allow them to stick onto the feet, which already have built-in magnets.

A hole was drilled just above the Obitsu’s oshiri to allow the insertion of the heavy shippo…

Besides the body itself, I’ve also acquired several sets of exchangeable Obitsu hands for Kotama-chan convenience. Obitsu hand set includes nyan nyan paws too!


The new Obitsu body works wonderfully, much to my delight…

Her Reisou fits the L bust of the obitsu body, barely… >,<

Trying out Hayate no Gotoku!’s Katsura Hinagiku’s Hakuou Academy uniform.

Seitokaichou Kon Kon!

And to end this post, obligatory Hadaka Apron Kitsune… XDc

Side oppai!!!

/Hanaji fountain

7 responses

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  2. Too much to handle on a single day, Kotama-chan makes me feel funny (//° o °//)

    25th December, 2012 at 09:51

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  5. kosho

    kotama-chan looks lovely on her new bod! hehe ^^ my tamamo has changed over to a 27cm M bust soft obitsu body now, and I’m working on making her a soft shippo :3


    23rd January, 2013 at 17:44

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