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Another Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

More updates on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC, now filled with more information on other casts of the Alternate Cyber Grail War…

There are still many of them silhouetted tho, only time will reveal their true nature when the release date getting closer and closer… ^_~

Once again like the earlier chara database, here’s a rough translation of the info on the site, albeit please excuse my poor translating skillz that may be misleading or sounds awkward at times… ^o^;

Jinako (CV: Yuuki Aoi)

A severe net addict. She is neither particularly talented nor skilled as a Wizard, yet was forced to enter the digital world.

While qualified as a Master candidate, she have no wish to win the Holy Grail War at all.

Now she struggles to get through this mess by hiding herself or whatsoever that will keep her alive until the end.

Karuna (CV: Yuusa Kouji)

Jinako’s Servant and her guardian.

Emitting an overwhelming presence, this Heroic Spirit seems to be an individual with top class character.

The frankness of his words contain no lies at all, revealing the coldest of the truth…

Lancer (CV: Ookubo Rumi)

A Servant self-proclaimed as Lancer.

In addition to being a Spear wielder, she seems to have a variety of special skills under her sleeves.

What is her true relation to Tohsaka Rin…?

Like Gilgamesh before her, Lancer also have a character PV of her own…

From the looks of it, she seems to be a sadistic idol or sorts that loves to sing (Code-casting spells) and flashing her pantsu… XDc

A full season left until release! So excited!


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