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Eve of Eve

A couple of nights before the end of the old year, in celebration of surviving the Mayan Apocalypse, once again I along with local InnovaDDoushi gathered at Coob Coffee Club for a small Doll Meet to allow our musume a breather after a long year of work… ^_~

I was somewhat late for the meetup time, but the rest of the group were not there when I reached the destination… ^o^;;;


Another Quickie Update of an Extra Fate

After the rumoured delay of the PSP game a couple of days ago, the official site finally updated its page with the newest information, confirming what we fear the most – postponement

Originally to be released on mid year earlier, the ill-Fated/Extra CCC was delayed to the 21st of February next year and now on the 28th of March… orz


A Quickie Update of an Extra Fate

Keen observers from the Land of the Rising Sun noticed something amiss during the Christmas Eve

Although the info on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC have yet to be updated, it seems that the PSP game will suffer another delay at best… 



It’s that time of the year again, the magical period when innocent and pure children awaits their promised presents from the man in red.

Altho the actual day itself falls on the day after tomorrow, it is the Eve (which is… today!) that everyone’s excited about with feast-ful gatherings, family reunions, lovers intimacy and such… XDc

A small fact: today is also unofficially known as KFC Day to the Japanese as a majority of them will opt to Zerg-rush their nearby outlets for bucketful of finger lickin’ fried chickens (Turkeys are too expensive to afford there, same situation where I live… ^_~).


Yandere Kouhai of an Extra Fate

Not to be outdone by the likes of a NEET’s Servant, the side heroine determined to retake her spot as the game’s main…

BB, the mysterious Sakura-look-alike, now has her own Chara PV too… ^o^


NEET Guardian of an Extra Fate

Yet another Chara PV is now online on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC

The spot light now shines upon the likes of the protector of the socially awkward NEET and net addict, Karuna


Sakura Sisters of an Extra Fate

Updates continue to pour in on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC

This time the spotlights on them mysterious Sakura lookalikes, the megappai Passionlip and the rori Meltlilis… ^_~



After a couple of delays, her fluffiness in 1/6 scale have finally reached my hands! ^o^

To the uninitiated, the lovely kemonomimi of Fate/Extra is a collaboration between Hobby Japan and Azone International, mould in 1/6 Pure Neemo action doll form!

To avoid confusion to the gigantic Tama-chan, from now on I shall dub this Caster aka Tamamo no Mae, Kotama-chan! XDc


Dojikko Hikikomori of an Extra Fate

Barely some time passed since the last character update on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC, yet another one was added to the list! 0_0

Revealed within the lengthy information leak by Famitsu just yesternite, BB aka Dark Sakura is now amongst the character pages on the main site…

It is so clear that the remaining two silhouettes will be the other two (Megappai x Pettanko) Sakura clones… :3c


Lengthy Introduction to an Extra Fate

Famitsu, the resident Japanese gaming info site, has posted a rather detailed and lengthy introduction to the world of Fate/Extra CCC

Besides the already released product info, main and side charas as well as announcement of the animated OP for the game, this update brings us the much-needed info on the Sakura Dungeon! ^_~


Another Characters Chart of an Extra Fate

More updates on the official site of Fate/Extra CCC, now filled with more information on other casts of the Alternate Cyber Grail War…

There are still many of them silhouetted tho, only time will reveal their true nature when the release date getting closer and closer… ^_~