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The Art of an Extra Fate

With only a season until the eventual release of one of the most anticipated Type-Moon JRPG Fate/Extra CCC, the official site finally updated with the box art design of the game itself.

As expected, the game box itself features Saber Bride and Sakura as its main theme…

The limited Virgin White Box on the other hand is clad in a golden motif with beautiful illustration of Saber Bride and Gilgamesh on the front, smexy CastFox at the side while most likely Archer on the other end of the box… :3c

The limited Sountrack CD by Tange Sakura is clad in a semi naked Sakura… Uhuhuhuhu~ :3c

Beside the previously unveiled Virgin Bride “Magazine”, a quad of stickers featuring the Servants in awww-kawaii chibi form will be included for the 1st release of the game as well… XDc

On separate note, if you haven’t PO the game yet and is staying in Japan, you can do so at the following participating stores.

Several stores also provide various illustrated omake of their own with each PO!

Animate will include a Telephone Card for Normal and Limited PO of the game; Amiami gives out a Library Card (Normal and Limited); Imagine, a different Library Card (Normal and Limited); Gamers, a special illustration item still under consideration (Limited only); Seagull, QUO Card (Normal and Limited); Sofmap, another Telephone Card (Limited only); Trader, another Library Card (Normal and Limited); Neowing, a couple of double-sided posters (Limited only); WonderGOO, yet another type of Telephone Card (Limited only).

On the other hand, new movies will be released weekly starting now, each centering upon each chara that appears in the game, Masters or Servants alike…

1st in line is the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh!

Have yours PO today if you haven’t done so!

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