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Procurement: AFA12の勝利品

Lots, booties, treasures! What event ends without any wallet-killing? XDc

Like many AFA before it, AFA12 too drained my in-store credits to its core… orz

Ever since I’ve got myself the Moekana cards back during AFAMY12, I’ve wanted to get one of those deck holders every Card Battlers been carrying around… Luckily a certain Uncle got them in stock at discounted price at his Kopitiam in the halls!

Got a couple of them, one for the Moekana and the other for holding the meishi I’ve collected… XDc

The holders come with a trio of extra Moekana card too along with a lovely paper bag!

Up next is a single Gachapon/Gashapon as well as the plushie of the little yellow rascal Wooser from Wooser no Sono Higurashi. Did I mentioned that the kigurumi of dat Wooser intentionally bumped me during AFA12? XDc

Will elabborate on the Gashapon later…

Once again KKnM have a stock clearance of their anime T-shirts during AFA12. While not as economical as during AFAMY12, each T is about SGD 10/26 per piece!

Got four of them immediately on Day 2 just before the opening hours!

Not all of them are mine mind you, only the Madomagi ones. The other two are purchases for me buddy on my island… ^_^

Not much figure loot this time but I’ve got myself the Necomimi from Neurowear!!

Originally released back a year ago, the original price tag put me off from acquiring it online due to import tax and shipping fee.

But when I saw the discounted price of SGD 115 (From SGD 160) at Kurocha’s booth while I was roaming around the halls, I just couldn’t pass off this opportunity!

Necomimi proves to be a fun thing to wear as it moves the attached nekomimi in accordance to your brainwaves consciously/unconsciously (Depending on your “Training”… XDc)… Many comrades even borrowed it from me during CJN just for many laughters and crazy shenanigans. :3c 

The package comes with white nekomimi, but I got a pair of black ones optionally since my hair is mostly black.

Now back to the Gashapon earlier. ^^;

To my surprise the mini figure is articulated at the shoulders, hips and neck! It’s like a Nenpuchi in Gashapon quality!

Really nice I must say! Too bad the joints are quite loose, including the base…

And of course rotsa coscards and otaku meishi from various comrades I newly met and/or reconnect/reacquainted, more that what I could collect from during AFAMY12 half a year ago!

Well that’s the end of AFA12…

See you all next year (Probably)!


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  1. Nice seeing you again!!

    4th December, 2012 at 18:31

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