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Post AFA Syndrome: Culture Japan Night

After an incredible experience of merchandise temptation, lovely daughters and mouth-dropping cosplays aside, AFA12 has officially ended…

Well at least for most of them public. Enthusiastic comrades will not let the joy die down so easily… XDc

Taking the lessons learned from AKB48 Cafe’s last year, CJN this time is held at the Orchid Room of Kallang Theatre

The Orchid Rroom is a small L-shaped conference type room; It is said that it can fit about 500 guests at the same time.

From my view tho it is only slightly larger than last year’s AKB48 Cafe…

There’s a couple of major disadvantages at this site tho… The place seemed quite deserted and dark, as well as lack of proper air conditioning/ventilation!! It was so humid and hot in there!

Anyways, the CJN is much grander this time with bosses of GSC, Nitro+ and a few anime industry heavy weights having talks during this after event. The presentation area was fully packed with avid listeners!

Rotsa musume-tachi of various InnovaDDoushi attended the night too!

Most of them were present in the duration of AFA12 too…

Since Big Boss Aki was there, GSC too have a small display area for their figures!

And all of them are not confined within any display cases!!!

Central area reserved for Card Battlers like Moekana and Weiss Schwarz…

CDS was there too to promote their doujin stuffs.

There’s no shortage of cosplayers as well…

…but Kyuubey-kun got to them 1st! D:

Best QB of the month for Contracts Inc.

Coming up next: Booty!


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