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Metamorphosis: The Cosplays of AFA12

After the report on the exhibits and the gathering of lovely daughters of AFA12, it’s time to move on the next element of any ACG events: the incredible costumes of Cosplayers!

Oh wait that’s not a cosplay but an itansha!

But then again taking 50 steps backwards it’s technically a motorcycle cosplaying so it counts! XDc

Most of these picchus are taken during Day 3 due to complications and coverage targets on Day 2…

That’s one mean pet dragon you got there, Silica! XDc

Umm Pina my lens is no food…

Unicorn is back again this year!

Puella Magi Akemi Homuro…

Finally reconnected with Stellar Rinya… Looks like she’s Sakura from Tsubasa Chronicles!

Both of us have known one another since more than a decade ago! Kinda missed her last year during AFA11 but it’s good that I found her this time…

Too bad fate seemed to hate us on Day 3: Whenever I’m roaming within the hall she’s loitering outside; when she’s inside I’m away from the halls. ^^;

Snapped rotsa cosplayer picchus within the halls as I rarely leave…

An InnovaDDoushi Saber!

One of the better Tsukihi I’ve ever seen…

She’d totally nailed her signature pose!

The “official” Asuna at the ever popular SAO booth.

I’ve recognised and confirmed with her that she’s Misaka Mikoto that helped around KKnM booth during AFAMY12!

Behold the Holy Relic of the Grail: The Gauntlet of Saber!

GSC’s official Wooser kigurumi…

He so ebil he bumped me in full force when I’m trying to take a picchu of him prior to this snap… XDc

Too bad there’s no Mikudayo kigurumi to join him… I’ve even asked Boss Aki about her but he just smiled and said nah.

Perhaps too big to bring over and this Wooser is actually local? 0_0

Next stop: Culture Japan Night!


9 responses

  1. bunny chan

    hi there, i’m the Asuna/Misaka layer! I’m so amazed you can recognise me :D nice to meet you~

    15th November, 2012 at 22:45

    • Oh, oh! 3Q! Should have get a coscard from you! XDc

      16th November, 2012 at 05:50

      • bunny chan

        i… don’t have a coscard, haha! so i go around greeting people who’s given me their cards :D

        16th November, 2012 at 10:27

        • You should make 1! ^_^ It’s like collecting trading cards… of Cosplayers! XDc

          16th November, 2012 at 10:52

          • bunny chan

            erm. i have one already :D from the Vanguard booth! well, i’ll see how after i get a copy of photoshop…

            16th November, 2012 at 12:21

          • Guhehe lookin’ forward to meet you again… Probably next year’s AFA…

            16th November, 2012 at 18:32

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