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Debriefing: The Exhibits of AFA12

Grander in ambition with moar hall spaces, AFA12 is no doubt the biggest event yet over the South East Asia, rivaling the like of Anime Expo of the Western countries in scale!

Once again, giants of the ACG industry along with various merchants come together to pour in their resources in making this event a success!

As you can probably noticed from the picchus below, the number of visiting crowds were off the charts!

This is from Day 2 (The actual day of the opening of the exhibition halls) alone!

As I’ve mastered my Windwalk ability, I’ve managed to gain access into the halls hours before actual opening.

This is what the queue looks like when viewing from INSIDE the entrance just several minutes before the opening!

Altho the moving space between the booths are wide, all of them were filled up with comrades and the general public.

On Day 3 however, it seemed to be less crowded than the day before…

Yet that doesn’t stop the stampeding throng when the clock hits Noon…

Due to personal interest, I’ve only attended only a couple of Stage Events on Day 3, which are the Sphere Seiyuu Stage and Danny Choo Session.

A pity photography is not allowed during the seiyuu session due to stupid management decision, but that still doesn’t stop a few of them ruru breakers in the attendees.

All them fans of Sphere! Especially of Toyosaki Aki!

A short Q&A later, we were treated to a live dubbing session from Sphere, on a couple of scenes from the anime Natsuiro Kiseki, the anime where all four members of Sphere participated in. Quite an exciting experience for all of us!

Time and again the participating Anisong Artistes made their appearance at several specific booths around the exhibition halls.

Here be the rori metals…

…and some idol group I don’t recognised at the Canon mini stage…

OK, enough boring reports of mass visitors… Here’s a look at them displays by various companies at various booths…

1st up is GSC. Fluffy yellow Wooser is the main theme this time!

Latest hit anime series Sword Art Online aka SAO have its own booth in AFA12.

The lines at the booth is perhaps the biggest and longest when compared to others!

To no surprise, their merchandise was all sold out within several hours!

Bandai x Tamashii Nations.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica


Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Movie…

…and many others…

Rotsa installation posters too…

And finally the doujin area!

Whew! Now that’s one hella wall of picchus… ^^;

Up next: Dollfie Dreams!


8 responses

  1. shinnstargazer

    Sooo much picchus!Awesome! I’ll need to attend AFA in Singapore next time! >_<

    13th November, 2012 at 22:23

  2. Great article. The lines looked immense o.o I spotted a Takamura Yui nendoroid from Muv-Luv. Do hope it gets a release date soon <3 and I also spotted a great Mio figure. Do want :P

    13th November, 2012 at 23:34

    • Prepare your wallet to throw to the screen! XDc

      15th November, 2012 at 13:47

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