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The Preview of AFA12

The journey to the South has begun! AFA12 here I come!

What a great start for a day light’s breaker bidding me farewell as I’m heading towards my local airstrip to catch a ride upon the steel bird… 

It’s no short distance towards the airstrip tho, Haro-kun will now share with us its experience in accompanying me and Tama-chan for the trip…

It seems that the airstrip have once again received a certain upgrading-in-progress, with many areas sealed for construction and renovations.

Nevertheless, primary air time transfers are working in nominal condition.

Grabbing some noms while awaiting to enter the gate of no return…

Haro-kun being a hispter here taking picchu together with my breakkie.

Awaiting to board the plane…

It seems we’re no longer riding the usual Char’s custom like earlier years, instead my ride this time is blue in Federation colour scheme…

After an hour of uneventful and strangely smooth flight, we’ve touched down upon the island of the Fishy Lion!

Along arrival lane ahead!

Headed straight to my lodge immediately after clearing the terminal, had a rather relaxing rest and some PSO2-ing for the rest of the day, also attended a Steamboat din din meet with Malaysian comrades and InnovaDDoushi who’ve reached the country as well.

The immediate day, with plans to visit Expo to familiarise myself with the surroundings, I’ve departed from my lodge together with my benefactor (of the lodge) towards Changi Village Hotel, for he and his family will spend a night there.

Taking a shuttle bus towards our destination.

My first time on a double-deckered bus… I feel so… HIGH!

The hotel have a rather nice swimming pool with see-thru sides.

Too bad no one is enjoying the facility now… Would get you all a few shots of bikinis under water… XDc

The hotel have a rather nice choice of interior designs too.

Seems to have a great taste, the founder of this hotel is.

Several sofas for waiting and idle guests…

Guest card activated elevators…

A nice lounge for food and beverage…

The room felt more like a Love Hotel than your average ones tho. 0_0

There’s a large mirror reflecting all the activities on the king sized bed…

As well as a grand see thru glass between the room and the bath tub… ^^;

Anyways we had rather filled lunch afterwards before heading straight to Expo for the AFA event.

Encountered a random neko in deep sleep while waiting at a close by bus stop. Too bad a quad of youngsters disturbed its slumber causing it to jolt outta its nice dream… >,<

While today counted as Day 1 of AFA12, it is the setup day for the participating booths within the halls…

Rotsa comrades already in queue to get themselves the event tickets…

Managed to slipped by the guards by flashing a borrowed ID from within the halls… XDc

Everyone’s busy in setting up booths and displays.

Here’s a glimpse at all the work in progress in the halls and what to expect during the next day… ^_~

Several musume also enjoying their shenanigans around the halls too!

Took an early leave back to lodge in preparation for tomorrow’s hunt. Already set my targets and routes of ambush!

Tama-chan can’t wait to meet you all officially tomorrow!

Here’s her tease piece just for hanaji fountain…


6 responses

  1. Oohh! That Kirito’s Elucidator and Asuna’s rapier replica! >_< And sexy Tama-chan is sexy

    9th November, 2012 at 23:38

  2. T.K.

    Cool booths this year, especially Rurouni Kenshin. On a side note: Glad McD is back in business in the local airstrip.

    9th November, 2012 at 23:39

  3. Tama-chan is facinating. If I was there I’d be running like a head-less chicken while screaming “OhMyGawd, OhMyGawd, OhMyGawd” … Looks like so much fun !

    10th November, 2012 at 07:54

  4. Reblogged this on 新しい世界 (Atarashī sekai).

    10th November, 2012 at 23:56

  5. Hey yunamon,

    Nice! If only i have early access. Took some photos of tama chan! Shall share with you. It was late afternoon when i found her on Sat. Took some of your cards. So many nice designs! Hopefully, i never took all.

    Btw, i only got kenshin fan. Any other freebies? Most graphics bags need to spend 50 and above. And long queue! I needa control. No space in room! Do share your loot!!!

    12th November, 2012 at 20:37

    • Well I still have excess cards left… Xdc

      Nope only the hand fan, booty post coming up after the reports!

      12th November, 2012 at 22:37

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