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The Night of Culture After AFA12

Once again, Danny Choo-san of Culture:Japan fame will organise a special after AFA gathering for like-minded comrades to interact and have fun with one another, just like how Tama-chan had fun during last year‘s AKB48 night and earlier mid year‘s Pavilion gathering… ^~^

Held in the Orchid Room of Kallang Theatre, not bad a choice for a venue this time as earlier CJNs are way too crowded at time…:3c

General info on the event:

Venue: Kallang Theatre, Orchid Room
1 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397688
Nearest Starport: STADIUM, Circle Line
Event Date: 12 November 2012 (Monday)
Event Time: 1500 ~ 2030
Entrance Fee: 10 SGD

CJN this time will get grander tho with many participating booths including GSC!

An excerpt from Danny’s post on the event:

  • Good Smile Company will be joining and setting up a figure display just for us – but whats so special is that the figures wont be surrounded in cases – meaning that you can get better photos while networking with GSC at the same time – they are also due to give a talk show too.
  • The boss of Nitroplus (Fate/Zero, Steins Gate, Psycho Pass) Kosaka-san will be there too with a few surprises for us.
  • Fukuoka Toshihiro of Ascii Media Works (Toradora, Railgun, Oreimo) will be there to talk about and show us developments in the latest Hatsune Miku project that we are working on to bring to the world.
  • Popular Doujin circle Collateral Damage Studios will be there to showcase some of their latest work.
  • Yukino Fujiwara will also be there with a huge doll display – feel free to bring your sons n daughters to join in!
  • Asia’s most popular blogger Mr Brown will be there to give a talk.
  • Production IG will be joining to give a talk about their latest title 009 RE:CYBORG and the Singapore screening of Ghost in the Shell SAC.
  • Official Moekana Tournaments will take place too!

The above is a picchu from last year’s CJN in Singapore…

Elsewhere, a few notes from the man himself:

  • I will sign a handful of things and can have photos with a some folks but would rather you mix with fellow comrades instead of waiting in a line to speak to me ><
    I also need to attend to the guests and MC all the talk shows.
  • Cosplay is welcome – toilets are provided and you can change in there.
  • As with last time, undercover police will be in the room to make sure that we have a safe an enjoyable time.
  • There will be a lot of people at the event – please keep an eye on your belongings. I can’t accept responsibility when you lose your wallet that contains 2.5 million SGD.
  • There is no food! But you can bring your own – just no durian please. Alternatively you can regurgitate like a cow and nom nom on last nights Poh Piah.
  • You will be given a pass to get into the venue – which you can use to leave and get back in. There are some restaurants nearby I hear so if you want to go and grab a bite to eat then you can.
  • The venue can probably fit about 500 so I’m going to lock down the registration form if/when we reach 500.
  • The first talk show is Hatsune Miku by Ascii Media Works – if you want to see it then come at the beginning or you will miss it.
  • Feel free to film the talk shows and take photos – if you do upload then add tag #CJNight
  • You are free to talk to any of the industry guests – introduce yourself to them as I cant go round doing it for you.
  • If you have any dolly sons or daughters then bring them along!

The Kallang Theatre is about 10 stations away from my Pasir Ris lodging, located near the Stadium Station on the yellow line. I’ve always admire Singapore for such easy traveling method, unlike the chaotic rides I have during AFAMY…

Anyways this time around it is necessary that you pre-register your attendance using Danny Choo’s Google form as there’s a limited spot for the event this time: Only 500 comrades will be allowed to attend according to Danny-san as the event area can only fit that much… More information please refer to

See you all there!


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